Using a Google Voice number for Failover (Talk Basic and Advanced) Follow



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    Dan Raasch (Edited )

    This information is a very good start.  Additionally, a custom view could be set up for these emails/tickets so that they get special attention.

    Another option is to configure the Google Voice number to ring up to 6 phones.  These can be configured within Google Voice.   The calls could be forwarded to agent mobile phones to ensure the calls are answered by a live person.   

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    Matthieu ETIENNE (Edited )


    Google Voice is only avalaible in the U.S.

     Do you know/recommend a similar alternative for European Phone numbers?




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    Dan Raasch


    Unfortunately, I do not know of a European alternative at this point.  

    While searching the web, I did find this link.

    Hope it helps,


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    Tyler Danke

    The menu options are now different and the groupings of the items are now different as well.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for flagging that, Tyler. I'll have our team take a look and update where appropriate. 

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