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    Clare Lo

    Hello Chris,

    Can we attach other file formats to a ticket? For example, users can attach documents and videos to a ticket. 

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    This resource is rather sparse! Might as well go straight to :p

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    Hi Clare- 

    You can use the upload attachment API to upload the same type of files as you can via the agent interface. 

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    I am using attachment API to upload any files to create ticket.When I check ticket and download that attachemnt , it is not download.

    Note : filename like abc.png is in my system .

    const url = ""+filename;

    Request json :

    "attachment": {
    "size": size


    Ques : Is there anything missing in Request json fields?

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    Dwight Bussman (Edited )

    Hi Vaishali,

    I'm afraid I'm not understanding your question. It looks like you've already reached out to with a very similar question. I'll see that someone reaches out to you on that ticket as we may need to get more clarification/examples to see what's going on here.


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    Ricardo Marquez

    Does this work creating ticket as requester? because i am trying to do it and image is not showing on my support zendesk.

      "ticket": {
        "comment":  { "body": "See screenshot.", "uploads":  ["vz7ll9ud8oofowy"] }

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    Dwight Bussman

    Hi Ricardo,

    The syntax you sent there looks correct to me! Is it possible that the upload-token has already been consumed? If it's already been used in a given ticket-comment, it's attached to that ticket and subsequent requests using that same token will not attach it to tickets. In that case, it should be possible to reference the attachment URL from the original comment, but this requires permission to access the original location.

    If you'd like us to look into your case more closely, please feel free to reach out to or I'd be happy to take this conversation into a ticket for privacy.

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