How can I troubleshoot the Zendesk Support mobile app for Android?

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  • Ned

    I have a similar question that might be this specific thread.  

    - Zendesk mobile app installed on new Google Pixel phone.

    - I log into app successfully but sometimes logs me out mid way through ticket OR if I stay logged into app but leave the device for 10-15 min and come back to the helpdesk app, it's logged me out and forced to relog in again.  

    - I'm noticing that anytime I choose My Unsolved Tickets that it will log out BUT not if I choose View All Unsolved Tickets.

    - I've submitted comments on the Send Feedback to Zendesk screen that pops up but like all tech firms, I'm sure you are swamped with request.

    However, it's to a point where it's completely counterproductive to run the app on our units and don't want to look at any other HelpDesk product at this point but need to resolve this inefficiency.

    Can you help?

  • Andrew Dietrich

    Hi Ned,

    Sorry to hear about those issues - they sound pretty bizarre.

    Just to confirm, can you make sure you're on the most up to date version of the app (1.21, as of this writing?)

    Also, do you know if any your other agents are experiencing the same issues? In either case, what devices are they using?

  • KEMO Jammmeh

    Sallam A lekum 

  • KEMO Jammmeh


  • abood

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