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    Kunal Pathak

    I just keep getting error "Please enter valid email and password" whereas I am able to login to portal just with the same pair of details. I am using "Sign IN with Email". What and where exactly it goes for verifying? 

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    James Sanford

    Hey Kunal!

    It sounds like you're trying to use an email address that is tied to an end-user Role in your account and not your Agent login email.  Also pay close attention to issue # 4 from the article above which outlines that you'll need to use your primary email address, so if you are entering a secondary email address that could be causing issues for you as well.

    If you're not familiar with which email address is listed as your Primary email address you can find this on your user profile in Zendesk Support by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and selecting view profile.  Your email address will be shown in the left side panel.

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