Why can't my users manually close tickets?

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  • Chris Sgaraglino
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    How can I create a link int he email that will automatically add the tag close_me_now, triggering the Close so that clients can close the ticket?

  • Tiann Nelson-Luck
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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for reaching out! 

    In this case, an option would be to create a modification to the trigger above to instead look for a condition like Comment text > Contains the following string > (close ticket). So if a customer commonly requests to close the ticket, a trigger with this would auto-set that ticket to closed. 

    You can also set up and notify an external target for this purpose. For instance, you could set up an HTTP target to pass information in the request body to REST APIs that accept JSON, XML, or form-encoded content. The notification sent in this case would trigger an API response to update a ticket by either adding a tag that auto-closes the ticket or sets the ticket to closed. However, this workflow is not support by Zendesk if it were to not work as intended, we do recommend the use of external targets only. 


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