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    Kay - RealConnections (NL)

    Hi Ankit,

    Thank you for simplifying this process. Are there any costs involved in this? If so what will that be?

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    Nick Malone

    Hello Kay,

    There is no cost associated with this so as long as you have the Hosted SSL feature included in your plan and set up correctly, you can make use the Zendesk provisioned SSL feature.

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    Tom (Edited )

    Worth noting that SNI is only supported by modern OSs and browsers.

    EG: Windows XP does not support SNI.

    Please see for compatibility details.

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    Allen Hancock

    For those who don't know, the alternative to SNI is a dedicated IP address per hostname. This would have additional cost and with dwindling returns, since XP has been considered end of life for some time now.

    so, I agree wit Tom, it's an important point, but not one that the vast majority would want to spend additional money supporting.


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