Adding agent seats to your subscription

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  • Mike Kadell

    None of the information provided matches the actual experience of adding an agent seat to the subscription.

  • Jessica Marasco

    Hi Mike!

    The type of purchasing method you can use depends on your subscription type, so another section in the article should relate to your subscription type. We've added a note to make this more clear. 

    Have a great day!


  • Mat Lobry

    Hi , its outdated : 

    To add agent seats from the Subscription page

    1. Select Admin > Settings > Subscription.
    2. Click Adjust Plan.
    3. Enter the number of agents you want to purchase.
    4. Click Update subscription.

    There is no Adjust Plan ... Its super confusing just to add one agent . We are not sure if we are upgrading our current billing or buying new . I have 4 Agents right now , I need one more , but its really not clear if I should Update subscription with 1 Agent or 5 Agent ? Maybe you do it in purpose idk ... but this is a mess, especially with all the upsell we dont need activated by default ...I mean you already have the customer , it should be way more simple and less aggressive , its just frustrating right now , can you guys fix that ? Thank you 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Mat! Sorry for the delayed response!

    I see that you were able to get help with this in a ticket, and that you've added your agent seat. Let us know if you need anything else!

  • Mayber Berroteran

    I have a doubt with this topic. We Currently have 3 license we need to add 1 more.


    But my billing date is the 22, we are in the 4th of the month. How much will we get charge for the new agent?? the full month or 18 days of use until my next billing.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Mayber!

    If you add a new agent license prior to your billing date, you'll be charged the pro-rated amount for that license which covers from the date you add the license to your billing date. After that you'll be charged the normal amount each month.

  • Support Team

    This is impossible I need a seat now and I can not just buy one. I have tried everything nothing works.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    @Support Team I'm going to generate a ticket on your behalf and pass over to our Customer Advocacy team so they can dig into this further. You'll receive a follow-up email stating your ticket has been generated. Feel free to reply back to that email you receiving with any additional information you can provide.


  • Forrest Howell

    Does Zen Desk automatically send a welcome email to a new Administrator?

    Video shows how to create but nothing on what happens and how they log in.

    Why is your platform overly complicated and hard to use?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Forrest,

    Sorry to hear the platform is overly complicated for you :( 

    We're certainly here to help if you do have any questions or need any clarification on a certain feature. 

    When adding an agent/admin to the account they should receive a welcome email. If one of your admins did not receive this email can you confirm this was not delivered to their Spam folder in their Inbox?

    I would also confirm you have Also send a welcome email when a new users is created by an agent or administrator enabled under Admin>Settings>Customers in the agent interface. Screenshot for you below:

    If the agent still does not receive this email you can have them navigate to to trigger a password reset email. You'll replace subdomain with the subdomain of your Support account. 

    Let me know if you run into any issues moving forward.



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