Can I route Talk calls to all agents at once or to specific individual agents?

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  • Matt Zaglin

    Hello - Is 'simultaneous' call routing still a planned feature?  I operate a small desk (4 people), and round-robin impairs our ability to help our staff efficiently.

  • Nico Secunda

    Agreed, simultaneous call routing is something required for small teams.

    For example, we have one primary support agent, who answers the majority of calls with 2-3 other team members who are able to answer a call if the primary agent is on a call or working on something else when the call is received. And a manager is able to get a call if nobody else is available.

    With only the round robin implementation, the Manager becomes the first agent in the call routing, since they would answer the least amount of calls, then the next tier, and finally it rings the primary support agent, who has been "available" the least amount of time because it is their job to answer the majority of calls. By this time the caller has been on hold for far too long. You can see how the round robin option causes major problems for small teams where there is a primary person to answers calls, with other team members also available to do so, but who should not be the first option for calls to be routed to.

  • Chris Duncan

    The ability to ring all active agents is critical, why has this not been implemented yet?  We will have to change voice providers soon if this isn't released as it is causing problems.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey all - thanks for your suggestions! 

    There's a thread about call routing currently happening over in our Product Feedback forum. I encourage you to add your detailed use case to this thread so the Product Managers can better understand your needs. 

  • Chris Ryan

    We very much are having the same issue as Matt and we really do hope more customizations of call routing will be considered in future patches.  


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I suggest sharing it in the thread about call routing in the Product Feedback forum, so that it gets back to the Product Managers. 

  • Richard Heintze

    We would like the ability to choose 'simultaneous' call routing as well. We need all agents to see a call when it comes in. We find the round robin routing can take too much time and the call ends up going to voicemail.

  • Nicole Butcaris

    The ability to route calls to certain agents, as well as live transfer (i.e. not tie up two agents for one call) is imperative to our business. We implemented Talk in late October 2017, and it has been a struggle to operate without these features. Is anything on the horizon?

  • Kate Hope

    Is there any update on all agents phones being rung simultaneously rather than in a round robin system?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Kate & Nicole - 

    There was an update from the Talk product team in January in the thread in the Product Feedback topic on routing Zendesk Talk calls to multiple agents at the same time

    Here is what they said in their official comment: 

    "Thanks for taking the time to upvote and leave your feedback. I can understand that for smaller teams, especially when maybe not all agents are in front of the computer for the entire workday, having a call ring everyone that’s available is preferable and would increase the likelihood of the call being answered plus it would reduce the time the caller would spend waiting while we work our way through all of the available agents.  

    At this time this functionality isn’t something that’s made it onto the Talk roadmap. We’re discussing internally if a better way of approaching this, that might be more beneficial in the long run, would be to implement the ability to configure the 30 seconds that we wait for an agent to accept a call. Would welcome any thoughts you have on this!

    Thanks again for taking the time and apologies if it's not what you were looking to hear."

    If you would like to provide any additional feedback, please do so in that thread, so that the product team will see it. 

  • Brendan Farrar-Foley

    @Nicole These features have been noted as critical to a few of our customers.  We're one of Zendesk's Strategic partners, so we see a lot of ZD instances with a wide breadth of use cases and requirements.  With Zendesk's stated revenue goals over the next few years, enterprise customers are critical, and they are not willing to buy a product that cannot be configured to their processes.  I urge you to get the product managers to think about that as it aligns closely with company wide goals.  I'm more than happy to discuss with them directly if you can connect me.  

    Routing timing is a good start.  Round robin is another.  But overall, any option that a sizable subset of customers want needs to be added unless there is no technical feasibility.  It will help sales, it will help with customer morale.  

    It would also help to document these in the sales process.  We have had several clients recently who purchased a product after they thought they had answered these questions with the sales team.  In the two cases I'm working on directly both are now very unhappy with the product limitations and are looking at migrating away from the product for one that has more options.  

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Brendan - 

    Thanks for that articulate feedback and for sharing your perspective. I've passed your comments along to a few folks internally. In general the best way to get feedback to product managers is to share it in the Product Feedback topic. They subscribe to those threads and therefore receive notifications of feedback shared there, so it gets directly to them. 



  • Thomas Bumgardner

    Further iteration is necessary. While this may be the best practice for some companies, is is most definitely not for smaller companies.  We need options. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Thomas - 

    I encourage you to share more detailed and specific feedback about your use-case and what problems you're having in the Product Feedback topic. Here's how to write an effective feedback post, and here's an existing thread on routing calls to multiple agents

  • LaReine Pia

    Hello! I am wanting to have one specific agent answer calls. If after x amount of rings, we want it to go to a second person. Is this possible to do for each new call? We do not want to do the round-robin feature, instead of starting the cycle again for each new call: Agent One (no answer), ring to Agent 2, and then if no answer the call would then go to voicemail. And if a new call comes in, we want it to start again at agent 1. Please let me know if this is possible to do!

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi LaReine Pia - 

    Although this is not a standard workflow - you can achieve the desired routing by putting each agent in their own individual call group, and then use the multi-group routing feature to sequentially stack the agents.  If neither agent answers the ticket will associate with the primary group.

    Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
    729 Solutions


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