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  • Nick Wurm

    Nicole, the Support Product Feedback Forum link brings me to a page saying I'm not authorized to access.



  • Fabio Strasser

    Are there any plans to add the ability to use the Zendesk apps in your mobile apps?

  • Melissa Norton

    Is there any capability to work on Explore in the mobile app?

  • Alex Rogers

    Can you @ mention people in tickets on the mobile app?

  • Mark Buhagiar

    I used to be able to use the Android app to search articles in our help center. This no longer works in the new app. When you perform a search, the app reports the correct count of returned records (including tickets and help center articles) but the only records shown are tickets. 

    Ideally I would like to be able to perform two different searches, one for tickets and the other for help center articles. 


  • Ariel Hart

    The initial launch and lock out of the Support app failed and access to the legacy Zendesk app had to be restored.


    With the lack of implementation of bulk editing of ticket's properties, applying macros or leaving comments on mobile app (and no plans to implement it as a feature) my team will not be able to keep up with ticket flow using the Zendesk mobile platform.


    On the website (https://www.zendesk.com/product/mobile/) there's a flashy statement of: 


    Great customer support is tied to the customer—not a desk. Zendesk’s native mobile apps are built for team leaders, agents, and those rolling stones who don’t take “help desk” literally.


    This site directs to the old app and the statement does not  seem to be reflected in the "new" apps feature set.


    Please Zendesk, come to grips with customer needs and stop forcing the Support app when features we need to get the job done are not available.

  • Chris Coughlan

    Hi Robert, unfortunately we no longer support a Windows Phone app. Our officially supported apps are iOS and Android. You can also access your Zendesk instance through a mobile browser or via the web.

  • Michael Ohayon

    Can you please fix the issue when clicking a ticket URL in an email or slack to actually pull up the ticket. Our entire staff has an issue if we get the entire ticket URL sent in a private message in slack, email etc.. The Zendesk app opens but it doesn't bring you to that ticket, you have to manually type in the ticket. How can we get that fixed ASAP? I'm sure its a problem for others... 

  • Lisa Cali

    Hi Hans, 

    Please use the one on the right. The old one only has a larger version number because of changes that went out related to the iPhone (it is a universal app). Zendesk for iPad is the app we will support going forward. Once we complete the 90 day deprecation for the old Zendesk app on May 22nd, we will remove it from the app store. Thanks!

  • Lisa Cali

    iPhone you should use Zendesk Support for iPhone. The 'Zendesk' app is going away for both. Thanks!


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