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The new Zendesk Support mobile app is a triage-focused ticketing app for agents and team leads. It's designed to let you quickly work with support tickets on your mobile device, including:

  • Sorting, filtering, and searching tickets and ticket views
  • Creating tickets
  • Commenting on and updating tickets
  • Receiving notifications when tickets are submitted or updated

This article discusses the following topics:

Note: The new mobile app does not support iPad use. For information on using Zendesk Support with your iPad, see the article Zendesk for iPad is Moving.

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Installing the mobile app

If you had the previous version of the Zendesk Support mobile app for Android installed on your mobile device, no action is required on your part. It is automatically updated when you log in to the app.

iPhone users must install the new Zendesk for iPhone app from the Zendesk mobile app store. The old Zendesk for iOS app is no longer supported.

If you are a new user, you can download the mobile app from your app store:

Note: If you're using an iPad, you'll need to download a separate application to run the Zendesk mobile app on your device. Download the Zendesk for iPad application.

For more information, see Zendesk for iPad is moving.

The new mobile UI

Once the new app is installed on your mobile device, you can launch it by tapping the Zendesk mobile icon on your homescreen.

The new mobile app has four main navigation screens, from which you can perform a number of tasks:

This section is an introduction to the layout of and functionality on these screens. For information on using these screens, see the following:

iOS users can access any of these screens by tapping the toolbar, which appears at the bottom of every navigation screen:

Android users can access any of these screens from the left navigation menu. In addition, some screens have a floating access bar (FAB) that allows you to perform certain actions:

Left navigation menu Floating access bar

The Tickets screen

The Tickets screen displays your current ticket view:

iOS Android

On this screen, you can:

  • See all tickets in the open view, organized by sort value
  • See the avatar for each ticket's requester, and for the agent who left the most recent comment (if applicable)
  • Open another view
  • Sort the tickets in a view
  • Access tickets

For information on using this screen, see Working with views.

For information on working with individual tickets, see Working with tickets.

The Notifications screen

The Notifications screen displays any recent ticket alerts you've received:

iOS Android

Tap the Notifications icon in the toolbar or left navigation menu to open this screen.

On this screen, you can:

  • View all ticket notifications received in the last 30 days
  • Tap notifications to view the associated ticket
  • Mark notifications as read

You can determine what kind of ticket updates trigger a notification, and how often you receive those notifications. For information, see Using notifications in the Zendesk Support mobile app.

The Search screen

The Search screen has a text box for performing new searches, and displays your recent searches:

iOS Android

Tap the Search icon in the toolbar or left navigation menu to open this screen.

On this screen, you can:

  • Search tickets using keywords
  • See your recent search terms, and view the results
  • Clear the recent searches

For information on using this screen, see Searching tickets.

The Settings screen

The Settings screen lets you configure the notifications you receive through the Notifications screen:

iOS Android

Tap the Settings icon in the toolbar or left navigation menu to open this screen.

On this screen, you can:

  • Select which ticket actions trigger a notification
  • Determine how often you receive notifications
  • Send feedback to the app development team
  • Log out of the app

For information on how to use these settings, see Using notifications in the Zendesk Support mobile app.

Leaving feedback

We rely on customer input to refine and improve our products, so please let Zendesk developers know if there's some aspect of the app that you like, you hate, or that just doesn't work.

To leave feedback for app developers

  1. iOS users: Tap the Settings icon (), then tap Leave feedback to open the Feedback screen.

    Android users: Open the left navigation menu, then tap the Feedback icon () to open the Feedback screen.

    iOS Android
  2. Use the radio buttons (iOS) or drop-down menu (Android) to indicate the type of feedback you're leaving - a bug, enhancement, or kudos.
  3. Tap Details (iOS) or Description (Android) to enter any relevant information.
  4. Tap the check mark (iOS) or paper airplane (Android) in the top-right corner to submit your feedback.
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  • 3

    I need help please :)


    Bookmarks are gone and SLAs are gone.


    How can I go back to before as I cannot use this new mobile app.  It's worthless to me without those features.

  • 1

    Hi there,

    any plans to display the status and brand name of tickets without having to drill in to a ticket? 

    This was available in the old app that helped me identify what status are their tickets and the brand as well.

    looking forward to hearing from you - as i have the same feeling as Joshua here - the new app is useless to me without being able to identify these on a highlevel.


  • 2

    It is full of bugs we lost a lot of features ! we can´t even see the email of the requester , so we can´t find the client in our system . it is really bad ! you all need to update it fast , or it will be worthless to all custumer . 

  • 0

    funny the only client support I got from zendesk  was in its twitter account , a company that has a email support service , that only attends clients on twitter ! 


    4 emails sended , 0 anwers . I think not even Zendesk belives in its email support service . 

  • 0

    Sorry, Zendesk, but locking out users from the old iOS app the moment your new app got to version 1.0 (unusable due to a display bug in my experience; lacking essential features in other people's) is a very poor move IMO. I understand good software needs to be 'opinionated', and that you can't please everyone all the time, but forcing clients to migrate to a bleeding edge app with a different feature set is too much. Why not a two-month period of continued access to the old app, but with a "this app will cease working on X date; you have until then to migrate to our new app (caution - functionality is not indentical!) or make alternative arrangements" nag message?

  • 0


    we usually really love the iphone app. BUT !!

    Some bugs which i found are the following:

    1. Placeholder in the macros are not working ..

    2. where can you delete tickets or mark them as spam ?

    have a great day..


  • 0

    @Henrique Junqueira 

    you are soo right.

    the email address of the clients are gone, and so we can not add or change anything.


  • 0

    Apologies for the changes to the app causing you all issues with your mobile workflows. Our intention was to provide an updated, modern app that we could build upon as we go, not to limit your ability to handle tickets on the go.

    We are looking at additional fields in the ticket list. In the meanwhile, you can sort by ticket status or if you have a 3D touch enabled phone you can peak into the ticket and see the status.

    A user profile including email address is in development now and we hope to have something soon.

    Placeholders work upon submission, but we don't show the value in the ticket prior to submitting.

    Delete and mark as spam is also in development to be re-added to the apps.

    Thank you for your continued patience.

  • 0

    I used to be able to use the Android app to search articles in our help center. This no longer works in the new app. When you perform a search, the app reports the correct count of returned records (including tickets and help center articles) but the only records shown are tickets. 

    Ideally I would like to be able to perform two different searches, one for tickets and the other for help center articles. 


  • 0

    I no most people don't like change but the new zendesk app is bad. Being in IT we like change. Lots of people on your website are thinking the same. Please please allow us to keep the old app even if you have stopped developing it.

  • 0

    Which one is the latest? (left/right). I used the left one, got a message I have to update, replaced it with the right one, but see that the left one (now) has a newer version number (3.9.8). 

  • 0

    Hi Hans, 

    Please use the one on the right. The old one only has a larger version number because of changes that went out related to the iPhone (it is a universal app). Zendesk for iPad is the app we will support going forward. Once we complete the 90 day deprecation for the old Zendesk app on May 22nd, we will remove it from the app store. Thanks!

  • 0

    OK, clear! And for iPhone the other way around I read above?

  • 0

    iPhone you should use Zendesk Support for iPhone. The 'Zendesk' app is going away for both. Thanks!

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