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    Helen Read

    Hi I have been having this very issue - However I have not copied & pasted images I have actually uploaded them using the photo button. Also not all images are missing just a few on several of my articles! 

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    Kate Walsh

    I'm having the same issue as Helen. Any other tips?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    Can you give me any other details on this? For instance, is it the same image that you've used across several articles? Are there any other commonalities between the articles where images come up missing?

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    Erick Wilder

    I'm having this very issue too. There's no connection between some of the articles and even after fixing the images by hand, they're gone again.

    There's no copy/paste involved in my case. I noticed this issue when adding screenshots to a translation of an article and after editing the translation, the source language images were gone.

    I fixed all the images in the source language and other unedited translations of the same article had their images gone.

    After that I started looking to other (unedited and unrelated) articles and they also have missing images.

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    Hi Erick - 

    When adding images to the articles are you hosting them directly in the article by selecting inset image and add file? Using this method to add images to articles is the only means to ensure they do not become broken. By following this process the images are hosted directly in the article and saved as an asset to the article as opposed to a reference from another source. 

    When the images breaks, it is most often a result of the image not being hosted in the respective Help Center article, so Help Center attempts to load it from the source. Zendesk does not save and host images locally when they are copy-pasted from an already hosted source. Instead, Zendesk "copies" the link to the image and then references the link in the ticket to display the image. 

    In regards to translations, the same behavior follows through, Help Center does not host images unless added directly by selecting add image and uploading. It should not matter which translation the image is added to as long it is uploaded.

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