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  • Helen Read

    Hi I have been having this very issue - However I have not copied & pasted images I have actually uploaded them using the photo button. Also not all images are missing just a few on several of my articles! 

  • Kate Walsh

    I'm having the same issue as Helen. Any other tips?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey guys!

    Can you give me any other details on this? For instance, is it the same image that you've used across several articles? Are there any other commonalities between the articles where images come up missing?

  • Erick Wilder

    I'm having this very issue too. There's no connection between some of the articles and even after fixing the images by hand, they're gone again.

    There's no copy/paste involved in my case. I noticed this issue when adding screenshots to a translation of an article and after editing the translation, the source language images were gone.

    I fixed all the images in the source language and other unedited translations of the same article had their images gone.

    After that I started looking to other (unedited and unrelated) articles and they also have missing images.

  • Rebecca

    Hi Erick - 

    When adding images to the articles are you hosting them directly in the article by selecting inset image and add file? Using this method to add images to articles is the only means to ensure they do not become broken. By following this process the images are hosted directly in the article and saved as an asset to the article as opposed to a reference from another source. 

    When the images breaks, it is most often a result of the image not being hosted in the respective Help Center article, so Help Center attempts to load it from the source. Zendesk does not save and host images locally when they are copy-pasted from an already hosted source. Instead, Zendesk "copies" the link to the image and then references the link in the ticket to display the image. 

    In regards to translations, the same behavior follows through, Help Center does not host images unless added directly by selecting add image and uploading. It should not matter which translation the image is added to as long it is uploaded.

  • Nina Rogers

    I am having this same issue (or one of our clients is), and I am inserting the images directly into the articles.

    What's odd is that I can see the images, as can my colleagues and many of our clients, but we have one client who can't. Clearly it's something on her end, but I was hoping you could offer some insight. I've already had her clear her cache and use a different browser, but that doesn't seem to work. She's still getting the "broken image" icon.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Nina - 

    A couple of other things to have her check: 

    - Which browser is she using? Is it the same as the ones you're using? 

    - Is this impacted by whether or not she is logged in to your Help Center? Have you tested it internally while logged out and in an incognito window? 


  • Nina Rogers

    Nicole, the images are now showing up for her. I'm not sure what was preventing the images from being displayed before, but she send me a message that she can see them now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Jacques van Rensburg

    I have public articles where the links are broken, but when I'm logged in the images display.
    I'm assuming the article was added using the 'Insert Image' button and was the correct way to do?

    In the source I see <img src="/hc/article_attachments/360001636814/mceclip2.png" />
    Should I rather link it to a public source then?

  • James Sanford

    Hey Jacques!

    It sounds like you have copy/pasted the image from another article that is only available to signed in users currently.

    I recommend signing into your Help Center so you can view the image.  You can then right click and Save Image As.  Once completed I recommend removing the current image from your article and re-uploading that via Insert Image and uploading the file directly to the article.

  • Michelle Radeke


    I uploaded the images to the Guide article using insert image. However, when I copy the article to zendesk help center, the images appear in the ticket but don't show up in outlook for the customer. Currently our Guide center is only accessible to agents (not public) so I'm wondering if this makes it so we can't copy the images? Is there workaround? Thanks.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Michelle!

    I want to make sure I understand what you're asking here. What I'm reading is that, because you have a closed Zendesk, you're copy/pasting entire articles in your tickets instead of providing a link. Is that correct?

  • Michelle Radeke

    Hi Jessie.

    Yes. That is correct. I activated the Help Center and was able to copy the article. Then I deactivated it. So that is explains that. However, we are planning to put the Guide behind a sign in Support Center and then use single sign on. How will this affect the ability to copy articles or provide links to them in zendesk tickets? What would be the difference if I made the articles visible to anonymous? Would the links be available outside of signing in to our Support Center or only for the Support Center. Thanks!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Michelle!

    Is there a reason that your Help Center needs to be closed? The easiest way to manage this would be to open your Help Center so anyone can view it and simply provide links to the content so your customers can go view it.

    If you require sign-in, I imagine you'll run into the same issue with copy/pasting the content directly, so I'd recommend just providing the link and letting your customer sign-in to view it.

    If you want to continue providing the entirety of the content in a ticket, rather than copy/pasting the article, I'd recommend creating macros for each of them, formatted separately from the article so you don't run into the sign-in issue, and using the macros to insert the information you want to share with them.

  • Joel Baldwin

    I also have an end-user for whom the images won't display in an article. I always upload my image files - no copy and paste - so I would like to be able to advise my users. I've seen mention of "what browser" as a question but no recommendations, i.e. you must have this browser up to this release level, or "stop using a Mac' or something like that. All my images are .png files so there should be few interoperability issues. My user is logged in otherwise she couldn't read the article in the first place, so that is not the issue. What can I tell her?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Joel!

    When folks ask about what browser is being used, it's a starting troubleshooting question so we can get started narrowing down what the issue is.

    If one user is having this problem but nobody else is, the issue is almost certainly on their end. You'd want to make sure that whatever browser she's using is on the latest version, have her test the issue in other browsers to see if the problem persists across browsers, and also make sure that she's not trying to view it on a network that has a firewall or other types of restrictions that might prevent her from seeing the images.

    I hope that helps!

  • Asaf Malin

    Copy-pasted photos from another website, the photos were fine at first and then disappeared. In the code I see: blob: instead of /hc/article_attachments/360010102674/mceclip0.png I see as source when the photo was uploaded, not pasted.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Asaf!

    If you copy/pasted the images directly from a different website, it's quite likely that those images are no longer available in their original source. To clarify, are the images you uploaded directly still displaying?

  • Asaf Malin

    Copied from whatsapp web, don't have original url source, images that I upload without pasting work fine. I think you should warn when pasting photo that it will disappear when the source won't be available

  • Emily Johnston

    We used to be able to copy/paste an image from Snipping Tool right into the article in Guide and now we are no longer able. Adds so many steps to have to use "Insert Image."

  • Emma McGahan

    We're having the same problem as Emily - we used to be able to take a screenshot and paste the image right in, now (as of a couple of days ago) that's breaking the image.  Is this a bug being fixed or was it intended?

  • Jessica Smith

    I have used a copy/paste from Snipping Tool and from Paint and both do not show up after saving. They turn into this broken file image. Originally after pasting, they appear fine. It's only after saving the article that they turn into the broken file image.

  • Alyssa Callahan

    We're also experiencing the same issue as Emily and Emma.  Most of our employees use Snipping Tool or FastStone.  All our authors paste their screenshots into Word and add borders.  Those that use FastStone may add other accoutremants to their images first.  Then we would paste them into Guide.  This was the status quo for quite some time... we only began experiencing issues with it in the last several days.  

    Without the ability to edit our photos before adding them into the article draft, our photos often blend into the text and it makes a lot of our articles illegible and frustrating to sift through - not a very good user experience at all.

    In addition to this, and to Emily's point, it also adds a lot more steps in our process.  Now we have to save each screenshot somewhere on our computer.  We have a lot of image-heavy articles, which makes this a very cumbersome process.

    Are there any fixes in the works for this issue?

  • Louise Holmstrøm Stolborg

    I'm so glad im not the only one. I used to be able to copy directly from snipping tool as well and it stopped working around monday (10th of december)

    So currently i make the snippet, copy the snippet in, it fails, so i remove it and find it under insert and unused images. It’s weird, and i doubt that’s how it’s intended. But it works?

    Please fix it, pictures in guides for customers needs images. Otherwise they call us and need us to hold their hand through the entire process.

  • Laura Hippert

    Hello! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are looking into the issues that you are reporting and may reach out in a ticket for more information if we are unable to reproduce. I will keep you posted as we know more!

  • Louise Holmstrøm Stolborg



    I just thought i'd m,ention, i can copy paste pictures from snipping tool into guides again.

    Best regards


  • Karen D Snyder

    I don't know if this will help anybody, but we had an issue where in some articles, the images were broken and looked like this:

    In the article editor, I compared the source code for the broken image with the source code for an image in a different article that does display correctly, and saw a difference

    The broken image code has source URL with a different helpdesk subdomain (I substituted xxx for the subdomain):

    <img src="">

    The unbroken image code doesn't contain the helpdesk subdomain:

    <img src="/hc/article_attachments/360024009132/mceclip0.png">

    I edited the broken image code to remove from the URL, and that fixed the image!

    I believe that this article was copied and pasted from one subdomain to another, so that was probably why the other subdomain was in the URL, though I'm not sure why the URL contained the subdomain in the first place, instead of just starting with /hc.


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