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How can I bulk update my users?


Option 1: Import Users
1. Generate a user CSV of your existing users, either by exporting a CSV from your Zendesk Support account (Professional or Enterprise only) or manually creating the file.
2. Edit the user field columns with your updates.
3. Reimport the file into your Zendesk via Admin > Manage > People > Bulk Import Users.

Option 2: Update Many Users API Call
1. Create a script using the Create or Update Many Users call.
2. Adjust the user objects you want to update.
3. Run the script.

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    My zendesk doesn't have a Bulk Import Users, only has Bulk Organization Import ja Bulk users Delete ones. as seen on http://imgur.com/a/y90sU . Do I have to check a box somewhere to see it?

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    Are you on a trial account? Bulk import is disabled by default on trials. 

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