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    Anti Kaks

    My zendesk doesn't have a Bulk Import Users, only has Bulk Organization Import ja Bulk users Delete ones. as seen on http://imgur.com/a/y90sU . Do I have to check a box somewhere to see it?

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    Graeme Carmichael (Edited )


    Are you on a trial account? Bulk import is disabled by default on trials. 

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    Nicole Nguyen

    Why is that the instructions here state to export an XML file instead of a CSV file when the "bulk import" instructions only allow for CSV files?

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    Ryan C.

    Hi Nicole, 

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The reason the article states that one should use an XML export, rather than a CSV, is because CSVs are specifically used for Ticket Data ( Exports ). XML exports send you Ticket Data, User Data, Account Data, Orgs, Groups, Etc. Using the XML export feature, will send you the information needed to change, alter, or update any end-user data. 

    There are many conversion tools located online, that will allow you to convert an XML file to a CSV file. Based on your inquiry, they may help to expedite the process of export to re-import.  


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