How to reintegrate the JIRA integration

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  • Naresh Agrawal

    Hi Team,

    I need help with the below scenario. We have a Zendesk account which has been integrated with JIRA account (Say A), and the integration is smooth and working perfectly fine. 

    We have another JIRA account (Say B). All the projects from A are going to be moved to B,  and JIRA account B will then be integrated with an existing Zendesk account.

    Will the existing integration break? Will all Zendesk tickets which are linked with JIRA tickets retain? 

    Is there anything that I should ensure before doing this migration?

    Note that the "JIRA key" after migration from A to B will remain the same.

    Can you please redirect me to the page where this has been discussed earlier (if any)? Thanks in advance

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Naresh Agrawal,

    I believe the integration happens at the instance level so I would imagine that you will need to migrate your jira tickets to account B and then you will have to set up your integration again. I'd recommend a dry run on a weekend or downtime, but I'm sure you've thought of that!


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