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    Tran Ba Quy

    hi, I have same problem, whenever I try to test, it returns "Error during transmission: HTTP client call failed", what should I do now?

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Tran - 

    Uninstall, then reinstall the Slack app under Admin > Apps > Manage. If you find that updates are still not pushing to Slack, submit a ticket to for further investigation.

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    Mike Uy

    Are you serious with this solution?

    I have a dozen slack channel integrations setup. Will I have to recreate all of those if I do this?

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    Hello Tran and Mike, 


    This is indeed a generic solution and, if we want to see what exactly happened we would need to look into specific errors of these failures. 

    Since this will require more account specific troubleshooting. I'll send you both a proactive ticket to get to specific errors you might see on your end. 

    This is why we are asking you to contact us at if you are facing some issues, we would need to know what the exact error is to be able to determine what is happening. 

    Talk to you soon. 


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    Hi everyone - 

    Sorry for all the confusion this issue has caused! I have gone ahead and edited this article with more concrete information surrounding the error. Let us know if you have any questions!

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