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  • Hi Rebecca,

    I have signed up to Zendesk (so I am no expert) and have multiple Shopify stores (again no expert there but have two separate stores, a retail and a wholesale -  

    I wanted to find out, given this is a Zendesk built app, and a lot of Shopify users have multiple stores, is this functionality going to be built into the app?  And at the moment how restrictive is it?  If so, when?, if not, then please do!

    As further down the track we may want to open further stores and have them linked to the one Zendesk account.  how many stores would the Zendesk / Shopify app be able to take?



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    Martin Ochwat

    I would like to +1 this request. For owners with multiple Shopify stores, it would be great to see and manage all of our tickets in 1 place.

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