Configuring your Help Center to support multiple languages (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Dirk

    edit: My question was about unselecting additional languages in the Help Center. I was worried we would lose all the content from that specific language. Luckily, that didn't happen. The content is still there (not visible for our users) but our FAQ now offers one language less.

  • John

    There seems to be a problem with the automatic language detection when navigating to the Help Center. For Norwegian, the language detection only works if the browser sends "no", but most browsers will send either "nb-no" or "nn-no" for Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk respectively.

    Please add support for this as soon as possible!

  • Sylwester Winter

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  • Eliel

    How do I put different tags for different translations?

    Our helpdesk is bieng built in 3 languages but the tags are common to all three versions of each article. I can envision this causing issues when people search. They will not get the article in the right language.. 

    I could not find any article that addresses the question.  

  • Karol Chęciński


    I use the Enterprise version of Zendesk. I will have to enable the use of Guide in Azerbaijani which is currently not supported.

    1. Is there a plan to include Azerbaijani to the list of supported languages?

    2. If not, is there any work around I could use? i.e. switching Turkish on and hard-coding the language change into Azerbaijani?

    Would appreciate an answer on that.



  • Gab Guinto

    Hi Karol,

    As of now, Azerbaijani is not a supported language. The workaround that you described – hard-coding the translated articles – will definitely work. Choosing Turkey as a locale will automatically translate the default UI elements to Turkish, but with your articles and section/category titles, you have the liberty to translate them to Azerbaijani.

    About the plans to update our supported languages – no definite timeline yet for that. 


  • Milly

    Hi there, 

    I added the Russian language in my zendesk support and it seems there is a automatically detection problem when I test the language switcher. 

    My default language is English and when I hover my mouse to the ‘support" page, it will automatically show me the English language even though my browser is Russian. I can only change the language manually. 

    Is there any way to let Zendesk Support change the language automatically according to the customer's preferred language?

  • James

    Hi there, 

    Can we create a ROW locale so that customers who don't speak our translations of English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish can receive generic English FAQs?


  • Sofia Karlsson

    Hi there,

    We would like to add new languages to our Help Center. The problem is that when we add an additional language, this language version of Help Center becomes "active" immidiately even though there is no content in that language yet. How can we avoid this? We don't want the additional language to be public until we have created all articles in this language... It seems that the browser redirects you to your preferred language if it exists, but we would like all visitors to see the Help Center in the default language until the other languages have been completed.

    Please help!


  • Madison Davis

    Hi Sofia! Sorry for the delayed response here. I asked around and there is unfortunately not an efficient way to accomplish what you're looking for. Someone suggested using the API to enable a language, create an article translation, then disable the language immediately, but we agreed that's a hacky workaround. That said, I shared this question and use case with the Guide product team, who understand the problem and agreed to consider it as a future feature request. 

  • Sofia Karlsson

    Hi Madison,

    Thank you for your reply and for looking into this.

    I think I might have found a workaround for us. I searched the Zendesk forums for some kind of solution and someone suggested a JS redirect script. But I didn't get the script to work. Could you take a look at it and see if you can detect what might be wrong?


    $(document).ready(function redirectSV() {
    if ((window.location.href === "") && (HelpCenter.user.role == "anonymous" || HelpCenter.user.role == "end_user")) {






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