Report on tickets via the Google Play Review channel

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  • Zac

    Will this catch only Google Play Store tickets, or do other channel integrations get lumped into this any_channel channel as well?

  • Benjamin Black
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Zac,

    Unfortunately that's not a field that's passed over to Insights just yet. If you take a look at where that information is stored in the API, by doing an audit on an any_channel ticket, you'll see that it's in registered_integration_service_name, which unfortunately isn't an available value to be found in Insights.

    You could probably get around this by creating a custom ticket field and perhaps noting which channel the ticket was created from, if you have multiple. Then reporting on that field to help identify the channel.

    Ben Goff

  • Zac

    Thanks for the insight Ben!

  • Misha

    Semi related what does "any_channel" data actually consist of? It seems to be it's own category but without an explanation of what it represents. 


  • Valeriya Aleksandrova

    Hi Misha,

    "any_channel" would include all the Integrations data set up in your account under Admin>>Channels>>Channel Integrations.

    Hope this helps :)




  • Dailymotion Support

    Hi everyone,

    Quick question around this feature.

    I've 2 application integrated on my Zendesk, and I want to be able to know how many tickets I've received from each application.

    Is there a native way to do it ?

    Today i've created a form called "Google Reviews" but it's not really conveniant

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Giovannai,

    Natively these integration tickets would show up under any_channel. It may be possible tag or create a custom field for these tickets to make them easier to report on. Your agents could manually apply/set these fields using macros, or you could create trigger to auto-populate these fields if certain conditions are met.

    I've attached our documentation regarding triggers if this is a feature you're not familiar with.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Dailymotion Support

    Hi Brett,

    It's a shame as this information is displayed on the ticket " via application ABC", I though we would be able to collect this information on Insights too.

    We will continue to use custom fields to create insights around this integration then.

    Thanks for your reply :)


  • Zac

    Hi all,

    Google Play was created using the Zendesk Channel Framework (probably one of the coolest features and not utilized very heavily from what I can see). When you have a custom app in the Channel Integrations option in your admin panel, whether it's Google Play or any other app, that specific integration should be available to a Trigger under the Channel -> "Is" condition. If you have the Google Play integration, by scrolling to the bottom, you will see Google Play app as a specific condition. By extension, you should be able to see any other Channel Integrations as well.

    You can create a custom dropdown field called "Channel Integration", and use a Trigger to test for each Channel Integration. For example, one trigger can be set with the following conditions:

    Meets ALL:

    "Ticket is" -> "Created"

    "Channel" -> "is" -> "Google Play"


    "Channel Integration (your custom field)" -> "Google Play"

    Repeat this trigger creation process for all your channel integrations. From there, you'll be able to report on and filter the custom field in Insights. Bonus: you don't even need to add the field to any of your ticket forms (if you have multiple ticket forms in your account) - it'll be set automatically in the background for use in your reporting.

    Hope this helps! Post here if you have any problems with this tip!


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