Can I disable the welcome email for new end users?

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  • David

    How can the users create a user/password without the email and link?

  • Joni Sariola

    Hi David,

    After adding a user, select security settings and reset password. If you have multibrand, you can also select from which brand welcome email is sent.

    User gets an email with direct link asking to create a password for this Help Center.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Joni! Thanks for hopping in to help. :)

  • Joseph Rivera

    This option is disabled right now because I'm still on trial and evaluating.  Will this be enabled as soon as I'm a paying customer?  If so, is this activated with all paying accounts?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Joseph - 

    Which option are you referring to, specifically? Modifying the text or disabling the welcome email? 

  • Joseph Rivera

    I was referring to modifying the text but would also like to know if I can disable.  Thanks.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Joseph - 

    It looks like you need to talk to one of our agents to see about getting this set up. I'm going to pull you into a ticket to start that conversation - look for an email from me shortly. 

  • Amy McCravy

    We have not yet enabled our Help Center, but have our helpdesk set up such that customers email our support address, and their emails get converted into tickets. Responses send notifications to our customers, but with the ticket comments formatted in the body of the email. 

    This part of your article confuses me: 

    • End-user submits request = End-user likely receives a notification email via trigger - if they click the ticket link since they haven't set up a password yet they're not logged in > they redirect to Zendesk > they have to sign-in and then they enter the email to get a verification link to set a password. This email sent in this case is the same as what happens when you are an end-user and go through the "forgot my password" steps. Both will send the end-user a welcome email, not the verification email.

    Does this mean that any requests submitted via email will send the user a welcome email, or only if the email contains a ticket link? 

    We'd like to enable our Help Center, but do not want welcome emails to go to users by default just because they email our support desk. We'd like the experience to remain the same for most of our users, and simply give some of our users the option to create accounts manually to view help center content and ticket history. What is the way to accomplish this?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Amy!

    When your Help Center is active the welcome email is sent out to a user when they submit a support request to your Zendesk for the first time; they will only receive this email once. Whether they received an email notification with their ticket number has no bearing on this functionality.

    It's not possible to disable the welcome email completely, but you can customize the content of the email to say whatever you'd like - the instructions for how to do this are right in this article.

    You mention that you want to give your users to the option to manually create a Help Center account...the welcome email would be a perfect place to tell them about this option and give them instructions on how to do it.

    I hope that clears things up! I'll let our support team know that the paragraph you cited here could use some clarification.

  • Allen Hancock

    In the case of a ticket being created via Private Ticket Creation, where the user has no access to the ticket, the fact that emails are sent anyway feel buggy to me.

    If this indeed expected behavior, it needs to be noted in the Private Ticket Setup.. that private tickets are incompatible with "Also send a welcome email when a new user is created by an agent or administrator."


    It would be better to prevent the welcome email until such time as the user has a visible ticket.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Allen!

    Are you saying that when an agent creates a new user in the process of creating at ticket where the first comment is private, a welcome email is sent to the user even when the setting you cited above is disabled?

  • Jonathan March

    @Allen, I would love to know the answer to Jessie's question!



  • Cenk Tukel


    I also have similar questions with Amy and Allen. I would much appreciate a more precise guidance if available :-)

    To rephrase the question:

    - Assume that Help Center is enabled.

    - There is a set of end-users called "paying customers" (paying customers defined by their tags), who should have access to the knowledge base, forums as per their user segments (defined by their tags).

    In summary, I know my paying customers and they are the only ones who should have access to my Help Center "knowledge base" and "forums". Thus, they need a welcome email to register, create a password, etc.

    - Assume there are also non-paying customers (my website visitors with questions about my products) who can send emails, use the contact form, chat widget to create tickets. They can and should be able to create tickets. Then my agents reply to convert them to paying customers. But these non-paying customers (end-users), with tickets, should not have access to my Help Desk "knowledge base" or "forums". These non paying customers are identifiable as they don't have the paying customer tags and thus not part of the paying customer user segments.

    These end-users should not receive a welcome email. We also deleted the Help Center ticket links from the response emails that we send to them.


    How can we define whom to send welcome / verification / sign-up emails and whom not to send?

    Assume none of the below triggers happen:

    • End-user clicks on "Forgot my password" and enters their email.
    • End-user goes through the "Sign up" form to create their own profile.
    • End-user submits a ticket and clicks on the hyperlink to view that ticket, in the email notification they receive. This will require that end-user to either sign in or create a new profile in your company Help Center.
    • Agent creates the user and "Also send a verification email when a new user is created by an agent or administrator" is enabled.
    • Agent clicks "send verification email again" on an end-user profile.

    We need to define an automated way to send welcome emails to those end-users we define (paying customers in the above example).

    And not send to those others.

    Thank you in advance for your help,

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  • James Sanford

    Hey Cenk!

    The best recommendation I can provide for your desired workflow is to bulk import the users you want the Welcome email to be sent to while the "Also send a welcome email when a new user is created by an agent or administrator." setting is enabled under Admin > Settings > Customers > Account Emails.

    As outlined in this documentation, it is not possible to prevent the Welcome email from being sent if any of the actions that generate that notification are completed.  You are not able to selectively define who should or should not receive these.

  • William Edmonson

    I am unable to modify the Welcome Email Text. Instead of the ability to modify I see.. "Sorry, email template customization is disabled on this account. Contact our Customer Service team to enable this feature."

    We are a paying customer. Please advise.

    I want to be able to modify the text in the email a new user receives when I add them.



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