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Can I disable the welcome email for end-users?


If you've enabled your Help Center, the welcome email is sent anytime an end user signs up on your page, or any time an end user submits a ticket for the first time. It is not possible to disable this once Help Center is enabled. You can, however, disable the welcome email for users created by you, so that if you need to bulk import or manually add users, they won't be confused.

To disable the welcome email for users created by you or your agents

  1. Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar.
  2. Under Settings > Customers, scroll to Customers.
  3. Next to Account emails, uncheck the box that controls the setting Also send a welcome email when a new user is created by an agent or administrator.


Help Center managers can deactivate a Help Center, if necessary, after it has been activated. When disabled, end-users can no longer access that Help Center. Help Center managers and agents can access a Help Center when it is disabled. You can read more about this here: Deactivating your Help Center 

Deactivating the Help Center will prevent end-users from viewing it and suppress these emails.

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    How can the users create a user/password without the email and link?

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    Hi David,

    After adding a user, select security settings and reset password. If you have multibrand, you can also select from which brand welcome email is sent.

    User gets an email with direct link asking to create a password for this Help Center.

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    Hi Joni! Thanks for hopping in to help. :)

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