Displaying an article or section in multiple sections or categories

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  • Ashleigh Rentz
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    Hi ZenDesk team -- It's really frustrating to search for how to do something seemingly basic, only to find 8 years of threads pleading for the feature. I totally get that unexpected complexities can always pop up, but from an outside perspective, I don't get how it takes over 3 years to add a symlink. I'm trying to make the business case for my company to upgrade to Enterprise, but that's difficult to do with a limitation like this. I'd rather keep our docs in the same place as our support tickets, but if my "Alternatives Considered" section includes tools that do more for less money, it'll never get approved and I may get stuck with a migration project instead. Please help us stay with you.  :(

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hi Ashleigh, 

    Functionality to solve for the issue of not being able to share the same piece of content in multiple places is in development, and has been for some time. 

    Announcements about EAPs and releases will occur in the community on the feedback thread for this functionality: 

    Allow articles to be posted to multiple sections

    If other users have feedback that you wish the product managers to read, please post in that thread in the community. Product teams are not subscribed to comments on articles and will not see the comments posted here. 

  • Rachel M
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    I'm all cool with showing articles or external links in their non-native Sections.

    However, I'm currently trying to show a Section in it's non-native Category. My code looks like such:

    {{#is category.id 360003321194}}
    <a href="url for the section">title of the section</a>

    However I can't seem to get it to

    1. Look like a section (it just appears in the same style as an article link)
    2. Display the articles contained within that Section

    I think the code is correct, and that I'm putting it in the wrong location. Any thoughts?




  • Chris Stock
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    Hi Rachel M, if you're not using the baked in Zendesk behaviour then you'll have to do some of the heavy lifting yourself. In terms of your first point you should be able to use the same css classes that Zendesk applies to sections on the Category page to get the same look, so:

    {{#is category.id 360003321194}}
    <div class="section-tree">
    <section class="section">
    <h3 class="section-tree-title"
    <a href="url for the section">title of the section</a>

    To get the articles within that section you'll need some JavaScript to make a call to the Help Center API. It would include something like:

    $.getJSON('/api/v2/help_center/en-gb/sections/' + [YOUR SECTION ID] + '/articles.json')

    This will fetch the articles. You'd then need to get the details and use jQuery to add the HTML to your page.

    This isn't a complete how-to, but hopefully it's enough to get you started.


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