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You notice an end user in your Zendesk Support whom you do not recognize. What are some ways that user could have been created?


There are a few ways an end user profile can be created in Zendesk Support:

  • By signing up on your Help Center.
  • By submitting a ticket to your Zendesk Support account.
  • When an agent manually adds them.
  • Via your user credential database, if you have SSO enabled.

To help find the source of your user's creation, you may want to check:

  • Your Suspended Queue, where the user's ticket may have been flagged.
  • The user's requested tickets in their user profile, to spot their initial request.
  • With your agents, to ask if the user was manually created.
  • Your SSO tool or database, to see if the user was recently added.

If you still can't identify how a user was created, please submit a ticket to for further investigation. In the meantime, please do not delete the user (though you may suspend access if needed).

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