How can I create a view or report on the age of a ticket? Follow



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    Melanie Leu (Edited )


    I want to have a backlog report that shows the number of tickets that are older than 72 hours.
    In the views the age in hours is easily visible but how can I do this in a report? The metric presented above (Ticket Age) only gives me the age of the oldest ticket, and only in days where I want it in hours.

    Thanks for any suggestion!


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Melanie! I'm going to check with some of our Insights gurus to see if they can help with this!

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    Han Van Kammen

    Hi Jessie, did you get any update on Melanie's question? I would like to make a report on Open tickets that are older than 7 days.


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Han!

    I floated this by our Community Moderators to see if anyone was available to answer but it looks like no one was able to pick it up. I'll bump it and see if anyone's around. :)

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    Daniel Cooper

    Hi Melanie and Han, 

    I think I have a solution for each of you.  The trick will be to add Ticket Id into your How condition.  This forces the Ticket Age metric to split on a per ticket basis. 

    Try building a report using the following in insights:


    Ticket Age (days) [AVG]


    Ticket id 


    Choose Numeric Range Filter
    Attribute = Ticket id
    Metric = Ticket Age (days) [AVG] is greater than or equal to the number of days you want to filter down to. 

    Status is New, Open, Pending, On Hold, etc (adjust as necessary). 

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