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    Hemang Shrimanker Contractor

    We have a requirement to track agent work for the last week. 
    We want to track the effort spent by agents. 
    So, even if the agent has touched the ticket (say added comment, assigned to some other team, solved the ticket etc.) we would like to know about any such tickets.

    We tried this using following configuration in report: 
    What: Ticket Updates 
    How: Updater 
    Filter: 1. Updater is Agent: XYZ 
    2. Week (Sun-Sat)/Year (Ticket Last Updated) is last week

    But this report is not providing the required data. 
    It also gives the ticket information if an agent has updated the ticket more than a week back but somebody else has provided an update on the ticket. 
    For example, an agent XYZ has updated the ticket Ticket1 2 weeks back (so satisfying the first filter condition) and say an agent ABC updates the ticket last week (satisfying the seconf filter condition). 
    So, the report is returning Ticket1 in the output which is not expected as Agent XYZ has not updated this ticket in the last week.

    Request your help in this regard as it is very important for us to track the agent effort in this way. And I am preety sure there would be a way to track this effort in Zendesk.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Hemang! 

    I'm going to check with some of the Insights experts among our Community Moderators and see if anyone can help you out!

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    Hemang Shrimanker

    Hello Jessle,

    Thank you !!

    It would be great if I could get some help on this as this will really help us to track the agent effort in a better way.

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    Graeme Carmichael

    Hi Hemang

    Fortunately, there is an easy solution here. Rather than filter by Ticket Last Updated, instead, use 'Date (Event)'.

    You can validate your data by placing more details in the body of your report before removing them for your final version. Here is an example (dates are UK format dd/mm/yyyy')

    Click on the ticket ID to jump into support and see the ticket. Change the the detail from 'Conversations' to 'Events' to list all ticket updates as some of the updates captured on the report will not be displayed under the conversation list.

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    Hemang Shrimanker (Edited )

    Hello Graeme,

    This is really helpful.

    I am able to get most of the data using this filter.

    However, if the agent has just added a comment to a ticket without assigning it to anybody or without changing the status of the ticket that ticket is not shown in this report.

    We expect this kind of updates to a ticket also shown in the report.

    Is there any way to achieve this ?


    Best Regards,

    Hemang Shrimanker

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    Graeme Carmichael


    Those updates will still show up on the report. The interface to Insights is not real time. Depending on your plan it may take over an hour or a day for updates to appear.

    If you are not seeing the ticket either the interface has not brought it over yet, or you have a filter excluding the ticket. For example, a filter on ticket status.

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