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    Any way to include the Problem ticket's subject in this report?

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    Josh Rosenthal

    Hi Justin,

    In this report the metric is only measuring incident tickets so only data about those tickets is available.

    In order to add the subject of the problem tickets, you would need to use a metric that includes the problem ticket data.

    Building reports is normally outside the scope of what Support assists with however,
    I did a quick test and added the # Problems metric in What, and Ticket Subject in How, which does show the problem ticket subjects, but this also displays the subject of the incident tickets. 

    Hopefully you can build from that and get what you are looking for, but please don't hesitate to ask more questions!


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    Trent Upton

    Josh - could you give some direction on building out said metric? We are looking for way that we can track total time spent on problems but want to be able to see the ticket subject for the problem ticket. 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Trent! Sorry for the delayed response here. I'm checking with some of our Moderators to see if someone can help with this!

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    Giovanni BERTHELOT


    Do you have any update on this ?

    It could be really, reaaaally helpful.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey everyone!

    Apologies for the delayed response. Our Community Moderators are Zendesk users like you, and sometimes they get really busy with their day jobs! I've pinged them again to see if someone is available to help. :)

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    Fernando Duarte

    Simply add Ticket Subject as part of the WHAT.


    I would also recommend adding a filter as follows:


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    Giovanni BERTHELOT (Edited )


    Thanks a lot for your reply Fernando !

    Doesn't work on my side unfortunately.

    What :

    • #incident

    How : 

    • Ticket Problem
    • Ticket Subject

    Filter :

    • Ticket Problem isn't (empty value)




    With this recipe I get something like this : 


    As you can see, here I have the ticket subject of every incident tickets, not the subject of the Problem ticket.

    What I try to build is a tab with :


    • The ticket ID of the Problem ticket (to be able to click on it)
    • The subject of the Problem ticket
    • The # of incidents linked to this problem ticket.

    Thank you for your time and for your help.




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    Sadly in all my efforts I could not get this to work with default GoodData/Insights. I even built custom MAQL queries to attempt to link the Problem subject to the incident count, however I always ran into trouble as the ID of the ticket, doesn't appear to be the actual ID in the Database. 

    I really wish we could just write our own SQL.

    Until Zendesk Insights adds support for this I have resorted to writing my own basic Zendesk App to display what I need.

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    Aswin Kannan

    Is there a way to include the no. of Problem tickets that are Solved AND without any Incidents linked to them? Basically we are trying to find out the "First Contact Resolution" by using the Problem-Incident as parent-child concept. Since Zendesk Chat automatically creates a new ticket for every chat (I wish there is a way to just append them in existing ticket), we see like if there is a Problem with 3 incidents, the customer had to chat with us totally 4 times to get their issue resolved. So we also want to see the Problem tickets solved without any incidents (they are our First Contact Resolutions provided). Hope that makes sense!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Aswin!

    Is there a reason that you don't want to just merge those additional chat tickets into the original chat ticket? That seems like it would be the easier option.

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    Aswin Kannan

    Hello Jessie - It is indeed an easier option, but we'd like to find out how many times the customer had to contact us for the same issue. There are couple of block points:

    1. All the new chats are created as new tickets. There is no option to append the chat in existing ticket, so the "One Touch Tickets" will not help us.
    2. If we merge tickets, we have to navigate a lot to find the related chats, but making the subsequent chats as Incidents and linking them with a main chat (which is a Problem type) gives us a better view.

    So using the no. of Incidents linked per Problem, we are trying to find out our "First Contact Resolution". Hope that makes sense!

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    That does make sense! I'm going to check with some of our Community Moderators to see if any of our Insights experts know if a way to do this. Stand by!

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    Luke Espinosa

    For some reason this doesn't count closed tickets in my reporting, so the # incidents is always off on higher impact problems (i.e. if the problems persist, attached tickets are closed out and then the # incidents goes down which doesn't accurately depict the problem impact on our support system). 

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    Hi Luke,

    As this problem appears more complex and likely narrowed to your account, I'm going to pull your question into a ticket and resume troubleshooting form there. Keep an eye out for my reply

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