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    Any way to include the Problem ticket's subject in this report?

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    Josh Rosenthal

    Hi Justin,

    In this report the metric is only measuring incident tickets so only data about those tickets is available.

    In order to add the subject of the problem tickets, you would need to use a metric that includes the problem ticket data.

    Building reports is normally outside the scope of what Support assists with however,
    I did a quick test and added the # Problems metric in What, and Ticket Subject in How, which does show the problem ticket subjects, but this also displays the subject of the incident tickets. 

    Hopefully you can build from that and get what you are looking for, but please don't hesitate to ask more questions!


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    Trent Upton

    Josh - could you give some direction on building out said metric? We are looking for way that we can track total time spent on problems but want to be able to see the ticket subject for the problem ticket. 

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