How to set business rules for specific requesters Follow


Currently, the condition Ticket: Requester in your views, triggers, and automations does not allow you to specify individual end-users. This article provides alternatives to checking the requester field directly. 


Must have admin access to your Zendesk Support account.


  • Option 1: Tag the user
  1. Navigate to the end user's profile.
  2. Add a unique tag.
  3. Create a business rule which uses the condition Ticket:Tags contain at least one of the following <unique_tag>.
  • Option 2: Add user(s) to an organization 
  1. Create or identify an organization to house the specific users. 
  2. Add this organization to each user's profile. 
  3. Create a business rule which checks the condition Ticket: Organization is <Organization>.
  • Option 3: Create a custom ticket field 
  1. From Admin > Manage > Ticket Fields > Add custom field.
  2. Create a new custom ticket field.
  3. Create a new business rule which checks the condition Ticket:<Custom Field>.
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