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    This is disappointing. I can understand Zendesk's desire for consistent UI, but for users, this feels like a backwards step. We have a number of ticket fields that we have staff complete which we arranged to fit onto one page. Now with the expanded UI elements, more scrolling is required leading to less accurate information.

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    Mayra Pacheco

    Thanks for submitting your feedback. We've listened and completely agree that function should take priority over design. This change to the spacing and component design for the ticket property fields will be reverted today.

    We've taken your feedback and will continue to work with our design team to better handle the crossover between product consistency and your expectations around existing workflow.

    Does this mean that the ticket properties will never change? Of course not. While this is not currently a priority for us to work on, we will in the future continue to follow normal validation routes to get feedback from you before UI changes are released.

    Again, thank you for your thoughtful feedback and championing of the support tool. Apologies for any disruption to your workflow we may have caused.

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    Jonathan March

    I'm very sorry, friends, I am an enthusiastic Zendesk user/manager, but I have to say emphatically that this update is not minor, except that it is a minor debacle.

    Our roster of fields that formerly occupied 2/3 of a typical screen height (and left room for adding more as needed) now takes more than a full screen height, requiring scrolling to see them all. After the Priority/Type layout bug is fixed, it'll likely be down to just about one full screen height, but with no room for expansion without scrolling.

    In addition to the loss of valuable available screen space, I really don't want to have to roam my eyes all over the screen to see closely related metadata for a ticket. 

    The single most egregious change for us is probably near the bottom, where we have 6 consecutive checkbox fields. Here's a piece of that section as of today's ZD update; I trust that this wasteful, awkward travesty speaks for itself:

    The amount of gratuitous vertical white space (and not just in the checkboxes) boggles my mind. Once again (as with the excessively spaced macro drop-up widget, except this new layout will *always* be intruding), it looks like someone at Zendesk is putting form over function. You want to give us consistent user experience? Great! Please try going for consistently usable instead of dogmatically arranging everything, regardless of its natural size, onto a consistently over-spaced grid, in what appears to be an exercise in sterile visual formalism.

    What makes a screen most usable for us is being able to easily see what we need to see, find what we need to find, click what we need to click, and type what we need to type. This change accomplishes nothing in that respect.  

     Thank you for listening!

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    Don David

    Same here, we have a lot of fields on the left panel and we now end up scrolling much more than usual. Can this be a configurable setting so that some customers can opt for larger fields, and some can opt out?

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    Melissa Hoffmann

    Hi there

    Would like to agree with others on this.  Consistency is fine, but the spacing is now so large that fields displayed in the left panel do not fit on displayed page, so now require scrolling instead of a quick glance.  The CC box is so consistent with the other fields it's not as easily located.  Further the right conversation panel also displays less content, so again you need to scroll more.

    I don't find the spacing enhances UI - just a lot more blank space. 

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    Justin Laing

    Ahhhh, this is horrible.

    The left panel is incidental to the work activities - it now feels too large and clumsy and overshadows the main right panel. The main highlight on the screen is now the vertical divider/scroll bar between the left and right panels!

    There is nothing consistent about these changes - the font and spacing is larger in all respects compared to other screens.

    Also agree with other comments above re: scrolling.

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    Miguel Reimer

    Can you please go back to the way it was?  There is no need to have such giant fields and so much whitespace.  I'm at a loss why so many apps/websites like to waste so much valuable screen real estate on so much whitespace. 

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    Joel Hellman

    This doesn't make sense for us, because our agents now have a poor overview of things, having scroll to see the custom fields, since the elements now takes up much more space on the sidebar than previously.

    Using the standard fields (if you have brands, ticket sharing, forms, tags, ccs enabled), all available space in the left sidebar is now already taken on our standard office monitors 1920x1080px. 

    For our agents that work every day in Zendesk, a good user interface certainly includes legibility, but having an overview of things is also very important, and this change is a noticeable step backwards in that area for us.

    The ambition to make the UI more consistent is a good one, we like that, but we feel our needs are diverging from Zendesk's latest steps by a considerable degree!

    Since there seems to be customers that prefer this mobile styled UI, would you consider offering a means for admins to customize the compactness (e.g. font-size & padding) for the Zendesk agent interface? 

    If you are overhauling the elements anyway, it feels like it should be possible. Then we could run with the more compact layout that our business needs, and customers that consider legibility and accessibility more important could use a less compact layout. All of us would still benefit from the improved consistency.

    I also have to admit being surprised that the issues with checkboxes and the tags fields made it through testing, since this was a pretty big change.

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    Nick Williams

    Agree with everyone here, this is a horrible change. The fields did not actually need to be this big at all.

    Make real improvements to the page, such as letting us have two fields in one line (like you had for Priority/Type).

    Now I get to deal with scrolling and boxes that are just far too large. So many small UI things have been changing for Zendesk over the last few months and I don't feel its been for the better. Small changes like this can and will drive customers away from your product.

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    Terry Knox

    Without wanting to add to the negativity, I've got to agree that the amount of white-space seems excessive. We use multiple custom fields to categorise tickets and this update makes it a necessity to scroll down to complete the task. I simply can't see an upside to this. Sorry! 

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    As above, this is horrible. Please reduce the wasted space and need for extra scrolling

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    This doesn't look right - the Priority box is below the Type box (which makes it look and feel more awkward and when you're processing a few hundred tickets a week, it can make a difference). But your announcement screenshot indicates those 2 fields should still be side by side - so is there a bug?

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    Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Aesthetic are for endusers, our agents need productivity. Even the most basic ticket form will result in a scrollbar. So this is killing their productivity. This update should be reverted and put in a beta first.

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    Oliver Heckert

    I need to agree that the new design changes are horrible. Too much empty space before and after boxes, even more empty space within drop-downs (more useless scrolling needed by our agents) and and a font size which is way too big. Furthermore, the font size of tags isn't consistent to your design changes at all.


    These are exactly the same design changes which you have made macros and these changes are also horrible cluttered, less structured and more confusing.

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    I'm really really upset about this update, let us choose or withdraw ....

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    Julie Nunziata

    This is horrible! It was already impossible to fit everything we needed to see into one screen. Now we have to scroll for quite a while before we can get the information we need. The large boxes are also really hard to read without sitting fairly far back.  This is going to cause a huge reduction in our efficiency.  Please put it back.  

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    Akshath Sapalya

    This is horrible and not we have come to expect from the product team. Please revert back to original UI. I have seen a few minor releases some not even announced, which are taking away useful features.

    Each element is taking so much space now and the agents have to scroll down to review all the ticket fields.

    When you have a active community please seek feedback first.

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    Tod Matthiesson

    I'm with everyone else - why are we getting updates that obstruct workflow not enhance .. seems visual appearance is a higher priority than actual functionality. These sorts of updates need to be individually optional/adjustable, not just rolled out without thought of the day to day users.. Recent example is the most used macros, very pleased this was made optional yesterday.. Hope today's feedback/response will also drive sensible a decision on reverting back to how it was...... "IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT" 

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    Rich King (Edited )

    When I first saw this update I actually tried to do a hard refresh because I thought the page hadn't loaded properly.

    Just want to add to all the voices here and say that this is not a good change. It boils down to:

    • Too much wasted space
    • Far more scrolling required than before, both in the list as a whole and within fields, where there are now fewer options visible at a time

    Please at least consider something along the lines of Gmail's 'comfortable, cosy and compact' options:


  • Guys this is horrendous!! Please change it back!!

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    Brad Woytovich

    I'm with everyone else so far on this, the change isn't ideal at all, it really messes up the workflow with way too much wasted screen real estate and slows things down. 

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    Worst update ever

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    Елена Grigoreva

    It looks really bad. All the agents complain that Zendesk becomes less convenient.

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    Terry Knox

    Also, despite the boxes now being enormous, fonts are now being clipped - like the "g" in this screenshot. :( 


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    Michelle Colbran


    Please please change it back!!  

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    Ralf Huck

    This is not only the worst enhancement - this is no enhancement at all. Please^3 roll back asap!

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    This is not good, it will slowdown our workflow!!

    I will have to scroll to assign ticket to agents now?

    40 px height for a name? The only reasonable update would be to make it even more thinner, not thicker....

    Atleast make us choose in settings, or withdraw this update?

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    DJ Jimenez

    I remember the change from Classic to Lotus and how people griped about how much extra space everything took. It was more accepted because there was additional functionality linked to the update (individual scrolling sections, toggling panels on/off, etc.).

    This update makes my agents' researching much more difficult because custom field entries are no longer visible or editable without scrolling down in the ticket fields section. Multiply that by ticket volume, a change in keyboard / shortcut master agents using the mouse to scroll, and you have a significant amount of productivity reduction.

    Hopefully this leads way to a better upgrade, I've heard something from another customer and I agree: this is the Duplo upgrade to a Lego product. Making this accessible to more / newer users has significantly hindered current users.

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    Mayra Pacheco

    The main sentiments in the feedback we heard here is:

    • Need to continue to have the same amount of information appearing above the fold as you currently do to maintain agent efficiency
    • Without the visual separation between a few of the fields, it's a bit harder to understand which fields go together and some fields get lost easily
    • It is easier for older agents or people with harder vision to read through with the more open fields
    • There's a need for more flexibility with the properties field in general

    There were a few comments about changes to macros lists in this post. I want to clarify that it was not an intended change. 

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    Mayra Pacheco

    You should now see the ticket properties in their normal styling and spacing. We'll continue to follow this post in case you have any more feedback about ticket properties.

    Again, thanks for your continued input. Apologies for any disruption this caused.

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