Can the verification emails be disabled for end-users submitting tickets through my custom form? Follow

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For Support account utilizing a custom form, is it possible to disable end-user verification emails for first-time ticket submissions?  


While it isn't currently possible to fully disable end user verification emails, there is a workaround if your workflow includes a custom ticket submission form or a custom workflow to create end users.

When using a custom ticket submission form you can leverage the Zendesk API to verify the user as they're being created (see Zendesk REST API tutorial - Building a custom ticket form). If you have an open Zendesk Support account where anyone can submit tickets, creating a ticket automatically creates the user if they do not currently exist.

You can use the API to verify the user upon creation and therefore the verification email will not send. 

Here's an example a payload that would accomplish this: 


"ticket": {
"subject": "subject goes here",
"comment": {
"body": "Some question"
"requester": {
"name": "username goes here",
"email": "",
"verified": true

The potential downside of this method is that any incorrectly entered email addresses will have automatically been verified, which means your users may not actually be receiving responses to those addresses.

Please reference our API documentation for further assistance on this process, Creating a ticket with new requester and Create or update user.

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