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    The problem is, now when a user replies, I cannot differentiate between the new Tickets and the replies I'm getting. 


    I prioritize the replies first then only handle the new tickets. Am I missing something here?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Tom!

    This is kind of tricky...the only thing that's springing to mind is using a Trigger to identify when the updater on the ticket is an end-user, and applying a tag to the ticket. Then you can create a View to separate out the user responses from the new tickets.

    Do you think that would work?

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    Richard Patterson

    Good morning Zendesk -

    We're running into a situation where the ticket is created as "New" - however if one of our customers replies back via their account portal before one of our agents replies, the ticket is being moved to "Open" status.


    This causes a pretty significant pain point for us because we can no longer differentiate a truly "New" ticket (by new, we mean one that has not been replied to by one of our agents).

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Richard!

    Is this something that happens to you frequently?

    There isn't a way to move a ticket back to New status after it's been moved out of that status, so there isn't anything we'll be able to do for you there...that's intended behavior in the system.

    I think we might be able to sort this out by creating a custom View for your agents to work out of, but I'll need some information about your workflow first. Where do your agents find unassigned tickets that need to be worked?

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    Ludovic Martin


    I found one nice solution to fix that problem :

    • I use Zendesk emails addresses and I route the Outlook inboxes of my agents to these addresses
    • I don't make a trigger to assign the incoming messages to the agents
    • Instead, I use LovelyViews plugin, and I create a view built on the following trigger : status = NEW and integration_account = ZEndesk email address

    The result for my agents is pretty nice : they get a kind of Inbox, with the new messages with "NEW" status… 

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