Why are new tickets being created in Open status?

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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Yair,

    Thanks for the additional information. I don't believe anything has changed in the past 3 months so I appreciate you sharing your experience here. When altering code, it's a lot easier said than done, unfortunately. There are a lot of moving pieces and changing even a single line of code can have repercussions throughout the product.

    I'm happy to pass this feedback to our product managers so thanks again!

  • Yair

    Hi Brett,

    I understand the difficulty of altering code, I'll just point out this thread started 2 years ago.


  • Emma Tett

    Yep, this is still a frustration for us, but I guess it's only an issue only for organisations that only pay for one account 

  • Jeremy

    Thanks Yair/Brett for clarifying.

    I'll leave it at that for now.


  • Jean-Baptiste Hennion



    I agree. 

    I need to make a trigger ever since a New ticket is created in order to call an API each time.

    However what can take me one line to make, took me a lot of time to find a roundabout way.

    I'll be very interested if you come up with a simple solution.


  • Abed Islam

    Really wish we had the option to keep new tickets as new. Sometimes I need to assign tickets to individuals and their training to prioritize based on SLA includes if the ticket is new. Just assigning a ticket shouldn't mean the ticket is touched, i just brought it down the support funnel. But doing so marks it as Open and we can't really distinguish Open tickets that have had no response to customer between Open tickets that have responses to customer.

  • Joey Cumley

    This comes across as either a ridiculous mistake and oversight, or a cash grab by Zendesk to get people to purchase more accounts.  I do not in any way understand the logic that if you're the only employee and a ticket is assigned to you that you therefor don't care if it's "new" or "open".  Zendesk absolutely knows and would understand that people prioritise their workflow based on the type of ticket that it is (new or open), and that companies in return heavily rely on metrics like "first response time" within customer service to gauge success and ultimately helping to determine WHEN they need more customer service employees on the team.  This seems like a blatant attempt for them to force small companies into adding a second agent in order to have basic, necessary functionality.  Anyone that has worked in CS understands how this would be important so the idea that it was an oversight seems unlikely. 

  • Desiree Mooser


    Is it possible to automatically assign a new created ticket to the agent who created it? Instead of clicking on 'assign to me'.

    I experience that my agents forget to assign the tickets to themself when they create a new ticket.

  • Pradeep P


    I want to measure at Ticket level the number of hours the ticket was in 'Open' status. How is it possible?

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano

    Hey Pradeep,

    This is possible by creating a report in Explore that measures how long a ticket was in Open status. You may find our recipe here for full instructions: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034119833-Explore-recipe-Reporting-on-the-duration-of-fields 

    Here's also a sample screenshot :)

  • Administrador Zendesk

    Buenos dias Jeremy,

    Recibí un ticket en estado Nuevo, se reviso a fondo el flujo del ticket y lo único distinto es que el usuario final envió la consulta desde otro país (Panama) pero la cuenta se usa en Perú, esa puede ser la razón correcto? 

    Donde puedo ver esa regla de zendesk ? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hola Administrador Zendesk,

    El estado predeterminado de un nuevo ticket es Nuevo, por lo que ese sería el comportamiento normal a menos que el estado se cambiara debido a un desencadenante, automatización o por el comportamiento explicado en el artículo anterior (cuando un ticket se asigna a un grupo con solo uno agente, el ticket se asigna a ese agente, y una vez que se asigna un ticket a un agente, el estado cambia automáticamente de Nuevo a Abierto).

  • Manoj Rai

    Hi Matt Hoffman ,


    Thanks for the Help.

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