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The standalone Chat widget has a number of customizable features. When the setting for Chat is enabled on the Web Widget, many of these customization options disappear. What, if any customizations from the standalone Chat widget are carried over to the Web Widget when Chat is enabled?


Below is a bit of information on all the customizable settings carried over from the Chat widget to the Web widget once Chat has been enabled:

Customizing the Concierge section

Before visitors connect with a Chat agent, they see the avatar, name, and byline of the Chat Concierge.

  • Top Title: This text appears on the top of your chat window. 
  • Display Title and Byline: This text appears at the top of the chat window. 
  • Avatar: This option is available only for Basic, Advanced, and Premium plans.  Upload a custom image of the avatar you want to appear for your chat Concierge. 
  • Agent Tagline: This can be edited under each agent's personal settings and replaces the byline once the agent has taken the chat. You can read more about this setting here.

Customizing the Message Style section

This section appears only if you select Simple in the Chat Window section above.  These options are available only on Basic, Advanced, and Premium plans.

  • Message Style: With the Speech Bubbles option, bubbles appear around each chat sent. Simple Lines just shows the text.
  • Show Avatars: Check this box to show agents' and visitors' avatars next to each chat they send. 

Setting the language on the Chat widget

By default, the chat widget language is set to auto detect. With this option, the widget automatically appears in the language of the the visitor's current page. 

You can turn off auto detect and select a single widget language instead. The option to set this is only visible/available when Chat is not enabled in the Web Widget settings.

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