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    Brent M

    Also be aware if using the copy-pasted method of inserting images into articles. If the image has any part with a transparency in the background the image will also appear broken.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Thanks for the info, Brent, and welcome to the Zendesk Community!

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    Rodney W

    Hi Zendesk,

    Unfortunately that doesn't resolve our issue. We have a situation whereby an end-user will submit an email - which is then ingested, with attachments included in the email, as a ticket.

    Upon visiting the page - none of our agents can view the attachment, until one of them opens the page source, and pastes it into a new window directly. Form this point on, the image will load correctly within the ticket for all agents.

    Cache related perahps? We've had this issue for months, and fail to understand why (as others have suggested) we should just make attachments public, when after all this is a private service.

    Hope this helps you diagnose further...

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Rodney! Point of clarification on this: is this an actual ticket attachment, as in it's' attached at the bottom of the ticket comment? Or is it an inline-image?

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    Rodney W

    Hi Jessie,

    The issue we have is part of the email to ticket ingestion... not the creation of tickets or attachment adding from within the Zendesk web interface.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create web email in gmail (for instance) or outlook web based client
    2. Add an inline image
    3. Send to support@ address or whatever is the ingestion address (from an end-user - not agent)
    4. View ticket as an Agent, image fails to load and appears broken (for multiple agents)
    5. Right-click broken image and open in new tab
    6. Image loads
    7. Go back to ticket and hit refresh
    8. Image will now load for multiple agents

    Adding images as attachments seems to work fine from various web clients, but not when inline. The premise of this article makes total sense, and our issue is technically different.

    Many thanks for the shout out.

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