Why are the images in my Zendesk Support ticket broken? Follow


Why are the images in my Support tickets broken and not displaying when I view them in the agent interface?


Most often this is the result of Zendesk Support not having permission to access the image. Zendesk inherits the access permissions for images added to the agent interface in the same way Help Center does.

In this case, the image is not hosted in the Zendesk Support agent interface, so the agent interface is attempting to load it from the source. Zendesk does not save and host images locally when they are copy-pasted from an online (already hosted) source. Instead, Zendesk "copies" the link to the image and then references the link in the ticket to display the image (internal or public comments have no impact on this; the behavior is the same for both).

To avoid this issue, we recommend that you add the image as an attachment and drag it in-line to host it in the ticket, copy-paste it from a source that is not restricted, or from a local source on your computer.

The following is an example of the workflow to save the image locally and host it in Zendesk Support:

1. An image is received in an email in Google mail. 
2. You select the download button on the image and the image is downloaded to your computer or you right click on the image and select save image which also downloads the image. 
3. You copy-paste or upload the downloaded or saved image from your computers local folders/drives into Zendesk Support. 

If you are unsure whether this is the cause of the issue, open your browser's console and check for a Failed to load resource error. If you see this, this is the cause of the broken images. 

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