How do Support tags and Chat tags interact?

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  • Lightspeed POS Inc
    Community Moderator
    Note: This applies to Chat tags only. Javascript API and trigger tags are not synced. For details, see Understanding different types of tags in Chat.

    This doesn't appear to be the case. API tags using the $zopim.livechat.addTags method seem to sync in certain situations.

    Can this article be updated and clarified please?



  • Guilherme Fantinatti

    All the tags we insert in the chat app is not being copied over to the ticket. Is there any configuration that must be made? 


  • Gary

    It looks like the learn more about in this article link is a dead end. Is there somewhere else I can see the same info?

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Gary! Sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know! 

    I've updated the link in the article. This is the URL you need:

  • Brandon Bishop


    Is it possible to add tags to offline Messages from chat depending on the department they select? Since it only adds it after a chat is ended, my understanding is that it won't add it to offline messages since there is no chat interaction. Can this please be confirmed?


  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Brandon Bishop,

    Administrators can add tags to past chats or offline messages in History, and the following article goes into this in more detail.

    Adding tags to chat sessions.

    Best regards. 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Jennifer Rowe thanks for the updated link (2 years ago). It's not accessible (again?) - could you update it (again)? Thanks!

    Best regards


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks for letting us know, Oliver Tietze.

    Looks like that article archived, so I've removed the link from this article.

    The archived article compared v1 of the Chat-Support integration to v2, released in Feb 2016.


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