Can I have an automation check conditions in minutes instead of hours?

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  • Oscar Hernandez

    Hi Zendesk,


    Is there an update on this?  We specialize on - on demand services where it's the minutes that count and not the hours.  How can we have an automation that can check for minutes as a condition?

    Maybe there is a beta or a work around?



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Oscar, 

    This article is current and up-to-date. We are not currently planning to change the increments for automations. 

  • Oscar Hernandez

    Got it.  Thanks for the update.

  • Gaëtan Tobie-Echeverria


    would be great to use minutes likes for SLA.

    Is there a place to vote for this feature to be prioritized in your backlog ?

  • Jacob Riverso

    Hi Zendesk Team,

    I would agree in wanting to add this as a feature request. We track our SLA's initially in minutes so it would be incredibly helpful to be able to automate using those time increments. 

    Is there a specific location to add this request?



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Gaëtan and Jacob!

    You can add your detailed use case to this thread in our Product Feedback topic! This will ensure that our Product Managers see your suggestions. This thread has been around for a couple years at this point, but every use case helps our PMs understand what our customers need!

  • Lucas Crostarosa

    Hi - I am currently building an application to handle this sort of functionality. Please email me at if you would be interested in piloting the app! 

  • Peter Godden

    Hi all, we've build an app that solves this use-case. It's called Timers and is available on the Zendesk marketplace. It lets you define down-to-the-minute actions on tickets :-)

  • Marcio Pessurno


    Now that many of us are using WhatsApp integration, it is the perfect time for Zendesk to review this issue.
    This channel requires this feature in minutes.


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