Can I sync my Zendesk Support macros and Chat shortcuts?

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  • Francisco Hirschler

    This would be really helpful .... Anyone having the chat and support suites installed could use the same macros in both. Any chances of having this implemented in future ?


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Francisco! Sorry for the delayed response!

    I looked into this, and it appears that we're in the very early discussion phase about this. This early in the process there's no timeline available or anything like, but we recognize that's it something that folks would like to see. 

  • Oscar Jimenez

    Hello Jessie, do you already know about this phase?



  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Oscar! We're still early enough in the process that there isn't anything of substance to report on this. We'll be sure to let you know if our Product Managers need more user feedback, or if a beta becomes available at any point; but as I mentioned above, there's no timeline available yet.

  • Rudolph

    Hi Jessie,

    Any update on this feature? This would be very, very helpful, and it seems very common that most teams would want to use the same canned responses in both email and chat support.



  • Debbie Singson

    I have to create a macro to use in tickets, then copy it and create the same in chat. However, the ticket macro allows me to include pictures for step-by-step instructions. The chat shortcut does not allow the pictures.

    Just another way the Zendesk platforms do not work together. My dashboard for Chat, Talk and Tickets should all look the same and have the same functionality. At this time they all work as individual programs. Very frustrating.

  • Fabio Strasser

    Any changes since it was in early stages 2 years ago?

    Also: Does anybody know if there's a possibility to use something like shortcuts in Chat for tickets in Support? So that while I'm typing in the public reply field the maintained shortcuts are available for me to choose.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Big upvote from me on on this feature!


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