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    Barry Coutinho

    Hi Rebecca,


    Is there any update on this? I can see from below thread its been requested for sometime now.



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    Christopher Hanson

    Hi Barry,

    Unfortunately, this feature is not offered on all plan levels at this time. However it is offered on Professional and Enterprise accounts that utilize our Multibrand feature. On these plans you can add branded signatures in the UI when you set up (or edit) a brand. This will allow your agents to apply brand specific signatures to tickets as needed. For more information on brand specific signatures, see Adding an agent signature to ticket email notifications.

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    Jeff Von Hendy

    I accomplished this in a way that's either clever, or super weird - haven't decided.  I had a requirement for signatures based on the group that responds (agents may be members of multiple groups), and the leadership didn't want to worry about agents selecting the wrong signature. All that differed was the title of the person responding (eg. Sales Specialist or Support Specialist). 


    Note: This is an Enterprise account, so if you're on a lower tier, I don't think this will work.


    First I created a field that tracked what the title is between group assignments (eg. if the group is changed to the support group, it would update the field to be Support Specialist)

    I hid the field from the ticket form, so the agents wouldn't be able to accidentally change the field.

    Then all I did was include the custom field in the email notification to the agent by using the ticket.ticket_field_option_ placeholder.

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    Cedric Jacob

    Hey guys, hey Rebecca,

    My new Signature 4 Groups app might be helpful here.

    It allows admins to set one signature per group using any placeholders as well as HTML for formatting.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I wrote a small blog-post about the app here:

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