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Zendesk Talk makes it easy for customer service teams to work together and help customers over the phone, right from the Zendesk ticketing system. And with transfer to groups -- a new feature that allows agents to transfer callers to agent groups in addition to individual agents -- it’s even easier to collaborate to deliver more efficient phone support.

Not sure if Susan in billing support is free to take calls? Send the call on over to the entire billing team and be sure your customer gets the help he needs.

Available to Zendesk Talk customers on our Basic and Advanced plans, our new “Transfer to Group” feature includes an improved UI search capability that allows agents to search for individual agents, groups and end-users, right in the Zendesk Talk call console. When an agent transfers a caller to an agent group, the caller will be placed into the queue to wait for an available agent in that group. If an agent in the receiving agent group is unavailable, the caller will go to voicemail. The ticket created when the call was answered will stay with the call and be assigned to the new agent who accepts the call.

To transfer a call

  1. After you answer a call or make an outbound call, the ticket automatically opens.
  2. Click the transfer button from the ticket or the call console. The customer is placed on hold and hears the hold greeting.

  3. Start typing the agent or group's name or phone number. You will see which agents are available and which groups have agents online before transferring the call. Click on the agent or group's name to transfer a call.

  4. If transferring to another agent: You'll first be connected to the agent while the caller remains on hold. When you've finished consulting with the agent, click Make Transfer.

  5. The message “This call has been transferred successfully” appears in the window. At this point, the related ticket is also assigned to the other agent. Click Close.

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    I almost thought this was an iOS app. This is great though. Any chance on an app being available anytime soon so that calls can be INITIATED from a mobile device?

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    Has a mobile app been created in the meantime? Or is it supported by the iOS app?

    I see such an option to connect 'via phone' is available where you select your availability status.

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