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I don't want any of my end-users submitting tickets via the Help Center, how can I disable ticket creation from there?


At this time, it is not natively possible to disable ticket creation from the Help Center, but it is possible to hide the option from your end-users by removing the placeholders for it from your theme.

The HTML for the Help Center is contained in editable templates that define the layout of each page type, as well as the global header. You can customize the template of any of the page types or elements.

In order to hide the button for users to submit new requests, navigate over to edit the Header. This is the bar appearing at the top of all Help Center pages, the Help Center Home page, the Category page and Section page landing pages.

in that section, remove the placeholders linking to the Submit a request page. You may also want to hide the My activities link:

{{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}

{{link 'my_activities' class='my-activities'}} 

For more information on how to customize your Help Center's theme check out the following resources:

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