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    Jen Glisson

    We have the App but how can we get the attachments to carry over to the linked ticket?

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    Jimmy Rufo

    Hi Rebecca.  Unfortunately the linked ticket application has the child ticket with significantly less information than a regular ZD ticket could ever have.  Is there a feature enhancement out there where we could simply link two regular Zendesk tickets, and have a section or widget where we can simply see the linked ZD ticket # and subject of the ticket?  That's all I would need.

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    Dan Ross

    Not to mention that it takes up a good chunk of real estate on the ticket sidebar, space which is at a premium. It would be great if Zendesk would at least make the app collapsible.


    It'd be great to be able to link tickets, much in the same manner you see notifications for Follow Up tickets above the comment box.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Dan - thanks for your feedback. I recommend sharing it in the Product Feedback forum, where there is currently an active conversation about the Linked Ticket app. Our Product Managers are much more likely to see it over there. 

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