How can I send or resend a verification/welcome email for users?

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  • Martin Cowie

    What if "Resend verification email" is greyed out?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Martin - 

    Welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    Three questions: 

    1) Have you verified that the email address is good and there aren't any typos? 

    2) Has someone already re-sent a verification email? 

    3) Is the Help Center active? 

  • Robert Matsuoka

    This is the email that is generated:


    Hi Robert Matsuoka,

    You have been invited to join Zendesk Support for Coderkeeper. Zendesk Support is your workspace to support and communicate with customers.

    You can access Zendesk Support by going directly to For a quick introduction, here’s a brief video on how Zendesk Support can work for you:

    The Zendesk Support Team


    No way to verify from this.  Help pls.

  • Michel

    Hi Robert, 


    If your resend verification option is greyed out on your user profile, you should still be able to send a verification out via the API using this endpoint:


    This would send you a verification email even if you have this button greyed out. 


    I hope this makes sense, if you have any other question feel free to reach out to us at



  • Mandy Crutchfield

    Does the link in the welcome email expire, and how quickly does it do so?

  • Diogo Maciel

    Hi Mandy!


    The verification links within the welcome email will expire within 1 week.



  • Mandy Crutchfield

    Thank you!

  • Kate

    Hi Rebecca, 

    I'm having the issue where new agents aren't receiving a verification email in their inbox or their junk folder. Do you have any suggestions? 



  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Kate!

    Are you using the "Resend verification email" option?

    Another option would be to use "Verify now". Since they're your agents you know they're legitimate so that would speed the process up.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Makmak - 

    Can you clarify what account got hacked? 


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