I recently received a bad CSAT rating, why does my report show 100% satisfaction?

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  • Tulus Imaro

    Isn't the bad-rated tickets automatically re-opened (with or without comment)? The rating is still counted, right?

  • Greg - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hi Tulus! A satisfaction rating on a ticket (good or bad) will not, by default, automatically reopen your tickets. It is possible that you have a trigger or automation in your account that does this for you, but this is not the default functionality. Hope that clears this up for you!

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    Can I ask if this is the same logic employed by the Satisfaction tab in the standard reporting interface, ie. not insights?


    We do have an automation that reopens tickets with bad comments and I want to understand whether our recent change to reporting CSAT with insights may be giving us different data than the standard satisfaction report.

  • Josh Rosenthal
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Dylan,


    The satisfaction tab in the reporting overview is events based, and doesn't look at the ticket status, which can cause a discrepancy as mentioned in our article here

    It's pretty likely you'll see different results since Insights is measuring these differently. If you're seeing discrepancies you can't account for this way please just reach out in a ticket and we'll be happy to go into the details with you!


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