How do I add a row or column to display the sum of my metric? Follow



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    John Bowles

    Excellent tip!  Thanks Kate!

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    Frank Devoe

    Hi Kate,

    How do we create the SUM of two different global metrics?  I attempted to create this as an 'Advanced Metric' on my own but failed.  Then I thought, how about just the SUM of the metics as a new row in the report? 

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    Baxter Robb

    I was wondering the same thing as Frank. How do we create a SUM of two custom metrics? I would like to see the data in one column. Right clicking on the Row does not allow me to have a SUM of the different metrics.

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    Frank Devoe (Edited )

    Hi Baxter,

    When working in Insights you'll need to add a new 'advanced' metric.  Once there, select 'Custom Metric' at the bottom of the pop-up. Next you'll select the second tab at the bottom title 'Numeric' and proceed to select the top option of 'Simple Arithmetic.'

    You can not free form the actual recipe.  Instead you'll choose the two metrics from the right side that you want to add together.

    Hope this helps.


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    Baxter Robb


    Thanks for your help! I actually figured this out not too long after posting this comment! I guess I forgot to update my progress here! 

    Either way, its great to have the info out there now!


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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for coming back to share that info, Frank!

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