How do I create an SLA for agent created tickets? Follow


How do I create an SLA for agent created tickets?


SLAs measure the average response and resolution times between your agents and customers. An important thing to realize is SLAs are based on ticket events. This means that for tickets to be matched to an SLA policy, something needs to happen to the ticket, like a ticket creation or update event. Otherwise, the ticket shows no SLA information or shows the old SLA information.

As a result of this, creating an SLA for first reply time on agent created tickets is not possible. When your agents create a ticket on behalf of the customer, the SLA starts after the customer's initial response and not from the point when the ticket was created.

Other targets, like Agent Work Time, Requester Wait Time, Next Reply Time, and Periodic Update Time, will still apply and display if the ticket meets the SLA policy criteria immediately on agent created tickets.

Periodic update is likely the best option for applying an SLA to agent created tickets, as it can be applied immediately on the ticket.

Please note that a newly created SLA policy is not applied to existing tickets, so you need to update the ticket to apply the SLA. 

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