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    Bob Jordan

    Here is the reason why I think only 3 out of 20 people have found this article helpful. We've created categories and we've created sections that fall into those categories. Then, we've created articles and linked to those category sections. However, when we publish, the top level categories do not show up on the help page. 

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    Bob Jordan

    To follow up, what I found is that all the categories will show up on the landing page after they have a published article inside the category.  I think what is confusing to users is that the default action should be any created category should by default show on the main landing page. 

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for those notes, Bob. We've flagged this article for review by the publishers. 

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    Kate Hope


    I have two categories, both of which contain multiple sections and multiple articles.

    One of the categories contains articles and sections which are only visible to logged in users. Is there a way of having the category available for everyone to view then if it is clicked on a user is prompted to create an account and log in?

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    Jupete Manitas

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for writing!

    Just to confirm your question you are trying to have sections and articles that are partially available but when user clicked it a page will prompt for them to create an account to view the whole article?If yes this could possibly be done but you have to build your own custom codes for your help center. For now there is a limitation to the feature if articles are restricted this is only visible once logged in.


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