How can I see user email addresses in Insights? Follow



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    James Brown

    Is there a way to create a simple report based on Organization that will give me the name and email address for all members of the organization?

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    Dennis Lynn

    Hey James,

    As Rebecca mentioned in her post, there is not a way to create this report within Insights. We do not pass an email address to Insights like this for security reasons. You would need to create a report like Rebecca pointed out to show a user ID in a drill-in, then you can click on that user ID to take you to their profile in Zendesk. 

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    Bill Cicchetti

    Is there a reason using the third party reporting application Skyvia allows you to see the email addresses?

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    Diogo Maciel

    Hi Bill


    They should integrate differently with Zendesk. By using our API, they may pull email addresses from the tickets

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