How Zendesk uses hreflang tags in the Help Center for SEO

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  • Yeny Rubiano
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    Hello Matt, thanks for the information above. Our support portal hreflang is showing only "en", how can we add "-US": "en-US"?

  • Alexander Popa
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    Hi Yeni! 

    The default language of your Help Center is currently set to English. Therefore, all requests are redirected to the locale defined as the default one for English - which in Zendesk is defined as en-us.

    As per Google's guidelines

    It's a good idea to provide a generic URL for geographically unspecified users if you have several alternate URLs targeted at users with the same language, but in different locales (...) In this case you should specify the generic English-language (en) page for searchers in, say, the UK.

    As there aren't any other languages/ locales defined for your Help Center and to comply with Google's guidelines, the hreflang tag will be defined as:

    <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="" />



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