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Our customers frequently tell us that allowing end-users to attach files—such as screenshots—when submitting a question from the Web Widget  would provide important context to their support team.

We are pleased to announce that you can now allow end-users to attach files when submitting a question from the Web Widget contact form. With this new option, support agents can receive questions with more context and can work on resolving the customer’s question faster.



If your account is set to allow attachments, when you go to your Web Widget’s contact form and scroll down, you will see an additional section for attachments. End-users can browse for files on all devices, or drag and drop them onto the Widget on desktop browsers.

We are also introducing a new zESettings JavaScript API for customers interested in hiding the Web Widget’s attachments feature on designated pages of their sites. For more information, see Disabling Ticket Attachments.

The Web Widget respects the file attachment limits that exist for your plan. For more information, see Enabling ticket attachments.

To learn more about how the Web Widget can help you better engage with your end-users, visit Using the Web Widget to Embed Customer Service in your Website.

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    Is there a way to restrict file types or scan for viruses with this new feature? We'd love to use it but are concerned about the potential for malicious content.

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    Thanks for writing, Leigh. There are some details about attachments more generally here including how you can restrict attachments via file type.

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    This is sooooo cool guys :)

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    Thanks for the reply, Erica. I was hoping it would be baked into the widget, as our testing revealed that the app didn't actually work. Granted, the testing was done over a year ago, so maybe it's fixed by now.

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