End users receiving "Couldn't authenticate you..." error when signing in

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  • Tim Ogilvy

    Help Center doesn't appear under Zendesk Products.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Tim - 

    Help Center is now called Guide. Thanks for pointing this out; we'll get the documentation updated. 

  • Scott McCoy

    Getting this error just by going to the URL of ZenDesk. 


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Scott - 

    To clarify, you're getting that error going to http://zendesk.com? 

  • Zaid Baban

    I'm getting it too for our account coozyn.zendesk.com, and couldn't login only to your support page!!

  • Nigel Reeves

    I am getting the same error.  I was able to sign in before, but am locked out now.  Had to use facebook to log in to this


  • Glen
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Zaid and Nigel. This error can occur when Guide has not been activated and a non agent is attempting to log in. I would recommend if you are using an agent log in and experiencing this error, that you try clearing your browser cache and cookies to clear any data from a prior session that may be interfering with your log in. If the issue still persists, I would recommend logging a ticket with us at support@zendesk.com so we can look into this further. Just provide your subdomain and the email you're using to log in and we can check this for you :) I hope this helps!

  • Michael Tucker

    This was happening to me but I cleared cookies for my subdomain and the normal login screen was restored.

    For what it's worth, I started getting the "Couldn't authenticate you…" error after I accidentally tried logging in with an account I sometimes use for testing. It's a reproducible result, but I'm not sure why it's such a harsh reaction.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for popping in and sharing how you resolved this. In your particular case, I'm thinking that you might have been running into a browser caching issue, which was causing the authentication error.

  • fleetplanner

    I have this issue too, and if I understand this correctly, I have to "Activate" my Guide before any end users can access it. Again, if I understand correctly, that throws open the doors.

    If so, what is the recommended approach for testing that my user segments are set up to correctly display the right data for specific users? I had set up a test user with different Org and Tag combos - but now can't log them in.

  • Hervin Centeno

    Hi Mark!

    You are absolutely hitting the mark in that activating your Guide/Help Center will allow your end-users to start accessing it, and no longer will the "Couldn't authenticate you" error produce. By default, your Help Center will be accessible to the public once it is activated.

    When it comes to double-checking that your user segments are set up correctly, you should be able to navigate to your Help Center while still signed in as a Guide Admin to look at your Sections. The sections that have user segments applied will have a padlock next to the section title that points out that the section is restricted. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Trang Ntp

    I have issue when authentication, the errors say "SSL errors", and when i authentication via email and token in API CONSOLE ZENDESK ( https://developer.zendesk.com/requests/new ), the result i receive is { "error": "Couldn't authenticate you"}

    How can i resolve ?

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Trang,

    This error  { "error": "Couldn't authenticate you"} generally indicates that your Guide (help center) platform is not yet enabled to the public. If you are attempting to auth in using end-user credentials and the guide platform is not activated, this error will be returned back to you. 

    Please refer to the steps here on how to activate Guide so this works for you from there. 

    This should put you on the right track here with this. :)



  • Левенец Алексей

    Settings for solving the problem above are here:



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