Unable to customize the Chat component of the Web Widget Follow

Issue Symptoms

The Chat standalone widget allows the customization of the Chat Badge and the Chat Window. See Customizing the chat widget for details.

When using the chat component of the Web Widget, those options are no longer available. 


Those settings are available to Chat-only widgets. If the Help Center/Contact form options are enabled in the Web widget, some settings will not appear in the Zendesk Chat dashboard.

Note: You can configure your widget to include the following components: Help Center search, Chat, Contact form. See Configuring the components in your widget for details. 


  1. Click the Admin icon in the sidebar, then select Channels > Web Widget and deactivate all the options, other than Chat.
  2. Sign out from Chat and sign back in, to refresh the connection.
  3. The options Chat Window and Chat Badge appear under Widget > Appearance.



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