Are end-users notified when a call is recorded in Zendesk Talk?

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  • Vina Rodriguez

    Are there any plans to add the ability to notify the end user that the call is being recorded for outbound calls?

  • Caroline Kello

    Hi Vina,

    We've had some discussions internally around adding a greeting to outbound calls that would notify the customer that the call is being recorded, but it's not something that's made it onto the roadmap yet. For the time being the onus is on the agent to inform the customer of this but we realise this isn't optimal or scalable.

    Thanks for raising this, Caroline

  • Gail Provenzano


    Is this on the roadmap yet? Can we create a pre-recorded preamble message to play once an outbound call is connected?


  • Caroline Kello

    Hi Gail, 

    We don't have this on the roadmap for the remainder of 2018 at this point, unfortunately. We do hope to proceed with some discovery around the agent experience in Q1 2019 and we know this one is a pain point. 

    Thanks, Caroline


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