When an agent is out of office, how can I reassign their open tickets?

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  • Nick Maguire

    Is there a way of assigning the tickets back to the original agent in bulk once they are back in office?

  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hey Nick!

    It doesn't look like this is a feature within the app, but you can of course bulk update tickets to reassign to the agent once they are back in the office.

    Since the tag agent_ooo gets removed once the ticket is reassigned, you would need to have another way to identify the tickets that were reassigned when the agent was out. This could be accomplished by manually adding a tag once the ticket is reassigned, or modifying the apps triggers to do it automatically.

    Hope that helps!

  • Will D'Amato


    It appears the Force unassign tickets feature isn't working for us even though it's configured.

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Will,

    I've created a ticket for you regarding this issue you are running into.

  • Will D'Amato

    thanks @devan. I already raised a request myself.

  • Mandy

    Will the out-of-office app still be available for the V2 transition in October?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Adavis,

    The Out of Office app is planned to make the transition over to V2 as mentioned in the following article: v1 app removals, alternatives, and future plans

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Arun Ravindran

    Hi Out of Office App team

    I have a lot of agents working across shifts . Since we have internal CSMs and Account managers who raise a ticket and assign to agent of their choice , most of the times the concerned agent would be out of shift. Is there a way I can automate their availability using out of office app and prevent assignment in their non working hours?




  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Arun Ravindran,

    At this time, this is a feature the Out of Office App is currently not able to perform. I would recommend posting this feedback in our Support Product Feedback forum so our devs can consider this for possible updates in the future. 

    Best regards.  

  • Mary Conroy

    Is there a way that we can get tickets back to the original owner once they are back on-shift either through the app or a trigger. We are a 24/7 so although the Out Of Office App is great in making sure correspondence is handled when an agent is off shift we are struggling to figure out how to get it back into the correct Agents name when the come back on shift, and it is causing a lot of manual transferring that we would love to be able to automate.



  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Mary Conroy,

    Unfortunately the app doesn't have this capability, and there isn't really a direct trigger condition that addresses it. 

    It might be worth considering a workflow where either a trigger automatically adds a tag to tickets based on the first assignee. Agent A has their own trigger and custom tag, the same with agent B, etc. Or agents can apply a macro when taking a ticket that also adds their own tag. Each agent can have a personal view of tickets with that tag that are less than solved, and upon returning to the office check the view and see if there are any that they can assign back to themselves.

    If that doesn't work for you, feel free to provide more context. Unfortunately we don't have a solution that is more automated at this time.

  • Zahida BUCKSUN


    If an agent who is supposed to be "out of office" answers on a ticket, will Zendesk consider he is no longer out of office and will keep his assignment on the ticket ? And what about the other tickets which are supposed to be assigned to his group ? 

    Thank you


  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Zahida, 

    If you are using the out-of-office app, it depends on the app configuration. There's a "force unassign" option that I believe will help you accomplish your goal! See the article, Installing and using the Out of Office v2 app.


  • Heather Rommel

    Hi Team! 

    Are there any plans for the ability to do a date for the OOO? Meaning, rather than On/Off, is there going to be a way to do a date effective?  If I know I'll be out of the office 2 days later, I'd want to set it up in advance rather than trying to remember the morning of....

  • Romona
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Heather,

    We do have a Feature Request page something similar to what you described where we are gauging level of interest in updating the Out of Office App. The more interest experience the better the chances that our Product and Engineering team will review and consider it. Check out the feedback and upvote and your use case to this Official Feature Request thread: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360040042194-Out-of-Office-app-official-feature-request-thread

    Romona | Technical Support Engineer | San Francisco

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  • Francois S

    Is it possible to not "unassign" the cases once a reply arrives on a case where the agent is OOO ? 

    Just that the app adds a tag "agent_ooo" so we can trigger the views in order that the agent have to check those tickets. Without having an unassign because something happened on the case. (some time the out of office is from short time, no sense to unassign the case)



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